Thursday, November 27, 2008


Marvels of Modern Science. Hehehehe. Today was a super busy day here. First the home health nurse came in to make sur all of her paperwork was in order. That took forever, but at least it didn't involve too much moving around. And most of the paperwork was already filled out, just a lot of confirming this and signing that.

The box spring and mattress came in today. Was kind of odd. My dad bought them at the PX and the people who delivered them brought them in a U-Haul. :-.. At least they weren't heavy. Took me longer to sign the delivery confirmation than it took them to pull 'em off the truck. lol They weren't as heavy as I remember mattresses being. Perhaps because 1/2 of one of them was that memory foam stuff? Perhaps.

Then in the afternoon was physical therapy. Lots of moving around. I think perhaps too much because part of the incision popped open. It didn't gush or anything, but it took me about 45 minutes to get the blood trickling under control. Yay. Just how I love spending my days. At least she's enjoying the bed. Another interesting note. Her legs/feet are still not all puffy. They both swelled up after the first surgery and now after this one they both went down. I told her it's cuz she's balanced now. I don't think she agreed.

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