Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grinding Gears

Get it? Hehe. Hrm. Not sure I do either. Well, my mom's surgery was today. Went off without a hitch. Which I was sure of. The Dr.'s really good. My dad was supposed to come home tomorrow, but then he was supposed to come home today which I was REALLY hoping for, and now he's not supposed to come home until tomorrow again. I don't even know when tomorrow, but probably afternoon factoring in the 10hrs they make him break. *sigh*

A couple of really big reasons I wanted him home. Minus I love him to death. (Non-sick-type daddy's girl) For the moment there's no bitch-buffer. Which now for some reason Jet's taken to whining outside their door when she gets lonely. If he was here she could hang out with him. He's good with animals and since she never gets to see him she'd be all over him. Also . . . *groans* We lit the pilot on the furnace, and the blower blows, but the fire isn't "whooshing" and coming to life to really heat up the air it's blowing. I'm hoping it's cuz it's cold and the pipes have to clean/loosen up a bit and it'll come alive at any moment and I'll go out there and it'll be toasty warm. I'm not holding my breath, though. So I'll probably be looking online to see what I can find on that. *fingers crossed*

Remember last time my mom had her knee done I had the whole Dark Tower series to go through? This time I've got my birthday present: "Just After Sunset" A compilation of S. King short stories. I dunno if they were there and I didn't notice, but I'm definitely noticing in this one certain themes that carry-over. Like (without giving too much away) a person's name, or a health factor, or hobby from one will show up in the next and then something different from that one will show up in the next. I hope it continues because it's become kind of a game. I'm really liking them because there's a linking . . . mental undertone. Like exploring very real manifestions of the human psyche in a fictional setting. I'm loving it.

Also, they're talking about people coming in to see my mom on Monday . . . if she's still hospitalized by Monday (when my dad normally heads back to work) then we're not going to have Thanksgiving for another 2 weeks from now. I don't mind. The turkey'll keep. And it affords us time to spend Thanksgiving with other peoples.

I'm really hoping to avoid last year's pick-up fiasco. Ya know, when the rain was coming down in bucket-fulls and the driveway washed out. Yeah. I'm hoping we won't have that issue this year.

And now, I'm rambling. Still got mails and neopets so I'm gonna go do that now.

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