Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have returned! *waits for applause to die down* Thank you, thank you. I know, I was missed. So, for those of you who missed the bulletin, my (near) brand new eMachine had some kind of aneurism. Aaron was on playing Sims and there was a loud pop accompanied by a flash and the computer restarted itself. So I got on and backed up everything while I had the chance (something I wasn't given when the HP died) and turned it off when I was done. While it was off it popped/flashed again and then it wouldn't turn on. Oh the agony. I tried plugging it into a different spot on the surge protector (of which we need a new one apparently), tried plugging it into the wall, tried stealing the cord from my mom's computer. Nothing.

So I call up to Computer Renaissance. The chick who answered the phone was a little smartass telling me she could look at it for free. Diagnostics by a pro is almost $70. That's, like, a quarter of what the thing cost to begin with. So no pros for this comp. I did some searching online and narrowed the problem down to either the power supply or the power button. Since the flash was in the back I was working on the theory that it was the power supply unit.

Days go by. I'm thinking that if we got a new one I could take the DVD drive and memory chipset out of this one and put 'em in the new one. That would be pretty cool. Wishful thinking since I knew I wasn't getting a new computer mere months after getting this one. Especially not with all the bills coming in. But it was not all useless wishful thinking. It got me contemplating. The HP got power just fine, just the motherboard was fubared. If I could take the power supply unit out of that and pop it into this one then it just might work. Assuming everything was compatible. I tried finding compatibility information but that was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So I sat and looked. And looked. And looked. It all looks the same. Same cords, same plug-in pieces, same size. Only thing different was the layout and only slightly so.

So last night we went out and picked up a screwdriver. This morning I brought in the HP and pulled out the power supply unit making sure to either label or remember the plugs and where they went. So far so good! Nothing broke or snapped. Then I pulled the unit out of the eMachine. Again, easy going. I made sure to plug cords in as I took them out so I wouldn't get confused. No extra cords no empty plugs. *fingers crossed* I screwed it in, making sure to keep cords from getting pinched and fans from getting blocked. I knew I had something when I plugged it in and it made a noise. Of course, I didn't know what I had exactly so I put the casing back .. pressing the power button . . . .

Success! Tentative success, but the power came on, so I plugged in the monitor. All systems go! Turned it back off, finished plugging everything in and here we are. The only indication that anything is amiss is a slight bulge from one of the cords having a slightly bigger plug piece than there is space for. *shrugs* As long as we can get a new surge protector before it happens again we should be good to go! ^_^ I don't see why computer geeks are so stuck up. It's not that hard. In fact, soon as I'm feeling froggy enough I'm going to take the DVD drive out of the HP and stick it in there too. Franken-puter lives!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

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