Monday, November 24, 2008

3^2 Experiment

Sometimes I have to find ways to amuse myself. Especially in a hospital. Last year I didn't really hang around for the meals. This year I decided to see what a hospital (supposedly a healthy place) conciders 3 square meals. Let me tell ya, I haven't eaten so much in so long. I feel like I'm about to bust. The food wasn't horrid, but since my mom is at the end of the hallway on the top floor it was generally cold, or well on it's way to cold, by the time it got to us. Anyway, here's the break-down of what I ate yesterday:


Raisin Bran, English Muffin w/ grape jelly, 2 beef sausages, scrambled eggs, cinnamon apple slice, coffee & orange juice. (I didn't keep the menu that came with it and I have a feeling I'm forgetting something from breakfast, though I may be wrong and it's my full belly playing tricks on me)


Tossed salad w/ ranch dressing (I even ate the tomato), BBQ chicken leg quarter, ranch style beans, green beans, cherry pie & iced tea.


Coleslaw, chicken fried steak (which was GOOD!) with cream gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas, texas toast (which was stale), brownie, iced tea and milk.

It doesn't seem like that much typed up like that, and the portions weren't huge, but it was definitely more than I normally eat in a day. So, what did I learn from my "Hospital 3^2 Experiment"? That's it's normal food which I could tell wasn't, like, organic or fresh or anything. The veggies were canned or frozen, the eggs were likely "egg substitue", the desserts store bought. I guess a person can't expect too much concidering how many people they have to feed . . . Although I would have expected something healthier than what I feed myself. Rather, what Aaron feeds me. If they had portion sizes on the menu (or if I'd have had a scale with me) I could tally up the calorie count. That would be interesting. But it wasn't all bad. According to my mom it's been way better than last year. Which makes me glad I didn't stick around for those or it might've prompted a Mac Attack.

P.S. For those of you who keep up with this sort of thing (or it might just be me trying to be honest with my faithful readers) I watched the movie on TV. We don't own it and may not unless it's the only thing to get. It was good, though. I enjoyed it.

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