Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scary Easy

So yesterday I was walking around the outside of the house with Jet. She likes to have someone with her or she'll just sit on the porch. Anyway, I walked past the grill and spotted the rope I used to lug branches and stuff into the pile. Since we've started decorating the front porch (finally!) I thought to myself 'Maybe I could tie up a noose and make it a decoration'. So I tried while I was walking and that was pretty unsuccessful. Then I thought 'Well, I should be able to find a diagram or something online. You can find anything online!'. And, well, I was right. Didn't take long at all either. Although, the scary part is that it took longer to find the how-to page than it did to actually tie the noose! Like, 45 seconds. Scary easy. The rope itself is old and worn so I have it looped around an old milk jug to help give it a rounder shape. Probably even dig up some hair spray so it doesn't lose it's roundness in the coming month. Seriously, scary easy.

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