Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Guiding Hand

Unless you view the spirit of Halloween as a divine energy, you're not likely to find inspiration here. (Might I suggest This Site)

Aaron and I were out and about yesterday. First we swung by Satan's Playground (Wal*Mart) to pick up a new needle for the sewing machine. I got started on his Sweeney vest and broke the last one we had. :-( We checked the $5 movie bin, hoping yet again they would have some Halloween or Freddy movies tucked in there. They didn't. They have almost all of the Jason movies (a collection we completed last year) and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Which is a Halloween series movie, but not a Micheal Meyers movie . . . for those of you who don't already know that. On our way out we got to talking about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and realized we really don't know how many there are. (There are 8, btw, including "Freddy vs. Jason") Even though they're way more expensive than is necessary, HEB has the complete series. So we head over that way to check 'em out. You know, as reference. Wouldn't you know it . . . HEB is closed. In the middle of the day. Power outage. O.o Of course, the lady turning people away at the door phrased it "We ran out of power." Hrm.

So on our way out of the suspiciously empty parking lot we're planning our next move. Either go to Satan's Playground in Cove (which we haven't checked since their "renovation") or head down to our pawn shop by IGA/Bowlarama. Gas and time (and the guiding hand of Halloween) sent us downtown to the pawn shop. Of course from where I parked we passed the master power switch, which prompted a series of jokes and plots to cut the power and run out with some stuff. *ahem* Anyway, they had 2 tables set up with 1.99 movies which we scanned first. No horror luck, but we did nab ourselves a copy of "Stranger Than Fiction". Back to the back wall! Scan~scan~scan. This time I made the big finds. 3 Freddy movies! All of them with blue stickers which meant they were also $1.99. Woohoo!

Up to the register. Apparently none of them wanted to scan properly so the lady was having a time getting us rung up. When she eventually did the total came out to more than $18. . . . that's not right. Since it was my idea to try and get all four movies I pointed out to her that the blue stickers were $1.99 and STF was from the tables. So she kindly punches everything back in and fixes the prices (without the slightest hint of attitude! Kudos to her) and, voila, $8.64. Much better.

So home we come to tally up our bounty. It wasn't until just now that I looked up the listing of the Freddy and Halloween movies to see what we're missing. Not too shabby. We only have to get 'Nightmare on Elm Stree 2" to finish off Freddy. If we have to we'll get that from HEB (even with the price hike) just to be done with it. We are missing five of the Halloween movies. Six if we end up replacing our crap copy of the second one. And, yes, we will eventually pick up 'Season of the Witch' because it is technically part of the series.

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