Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funny Story hehehehe

Okay, maybe not that funny, but amusing anyway. Aaron got a birthday card from his mom with a money order for *undisclosed amount*. So we headed out and cashed it. A far easier endeavor than last year. After seeing the movie he's been aching to play "Iron Man" the game so we went to Game Stop to pick it up. Still sucks that all the good people are gone from there, but they did have one guy working who was alright. Couldn't find it used, unfortunately, but whatever. It's his birthday! He's allowed to splurge on himself. ^_^ Then he decided to pick up lunch for the three of us. (Him, myself and my mom) Not much left, but it was enough for chicken wings and tequitos. I love tequitos. After going through our change from that I grabbed him a cola (54 cents) and was going to grab myself a can from the vending machine outside. Here's where it gets funny. I popped a dime into the machine and nothing happened. ??? I looked into the coin slot and it was FULL of crammed in change! On top of that, the coin return button was jammed. So I started digging through my purse for whatever I could find to try and loosen some of that change. I found my Pet Perks keychain card. I could kind of reach in and tap some of the quarters, but it didn't really help like I'd hoped. So, after a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching, I grabbed my keys and started jabbing the van key in the coin slot. BINGO! About 85 cents fell through into the coin return. Sweet. Over to the 7up machine. Popped in a quarter and . . . nothing. Huh? I look in the coin slot and surprise surprise, full of change. -_- Someone has gotten lazy. I try my key again but to no avail. Too far in. 3 other machines, all of them full of quarters! I tried getting some more change out of the Coke machine (since it was the fullest) but no such luck. I look down at the coins left in my hand. *lightbulb* I've got enough to go back in and grab a soda from inside. Yay! Not as lucrative as the time someone left 3 sodas sitting in the machine (also at HEB), but a free drink is a free drink. I tell ya, if someone had enough balls and a long enough stick they could make out like a bandit up there . . . . .

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