Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coattails and Pant Flaps

He's been pushing me for weeks, but I'm finally making progress on the costumes. I knew his wasn't going to take that long. Which was partly the point since Blackbeard took forever! lol I found out two things, though, while I was working on it. The pins I picked up are very flimsy. According to the box (which I really need to start looking at before I buy stuff) they're made for "delicate" garments. Which didn't help too much with pinning layers of thick . . . wool . . . felt . . . stuff? But they worked very well for his pants (which used to be my pants and I just had to let them out a bit) and will work for my dress . . . once I get the rest of the fabric/trim I need. It's gonna look awesome.

Oh yeah, the other thing I learned. Ended up being a very good thing I learned. The replacement needles I picked up for the sewing machine. I wasn't sure they were going to fit since we have a Kenmore and they only sell needles for Singer and something else, but they do fit. Not only that, they're "Heavy Duty" needles designed to go through layers of denim! So no more broken needles on account of thick fabric. Woohoo! As long as I don't accidently try to sew through a pin I shouldn't have to buy anymore for a long long long time.

Also, I went ahead and removed the possibility of pre-Halloween frustrations and took the needle with me when I left the sewing machine. No way is somebody gonna try and sew something behind my back and break the machine before I get to finish off the costumes. Cuz then I'd be celebrating our anniversary in jail and that just won't do.

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