Saturday, October 25, 2008

"6 More Days

'till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. 6 more days 'till Halloween. Silver Shamrock!" ^_^ So close. Aaron's costume is done. Mine's almost done. The porch is almost done. Got just a couple more things I want to do for that. *teehee* It's gonna be so cool. We also got a pumpkin to carve! We were thinking of doing Early from Squidbillies, but I dunno anymore. :-p If we do we're gonna send in a pic to adult swim and see if we can get bumped. That would be awesome.

Hehe. Get this. Aaron was in the bathroom, and you know how thin our walls are. Apparently little bitch hates me. Ha! Good. Get the fuck out. I'm not here to be liked by little self-absorbed bitches. I'm here to make sure lsabs don't break the damn house. Which she's trying like hell to do apparently. When someone says "Don't flush wads of toilet paper cuz the plumbing is fucked" it means don't flush wads of toilet paper cuz the plumbing is fucked. Duh. I mean, how much simpler can a person make it? Hrm.

Aaron's livid. Apparently she was calling me names. I refuse to let her ruin my holiday spirit. She's nothing. Inconsequential. Actually I couldn't be happier. This could be the quickest turn-around to date.

Haven't been spending much time on neopets. Except to get the neomall goodie bags. I don't know if this means they're not doing the normal trick-or-treat bags this year. I guess we'll have to wait and see. If they do I'm hanging on to most of them. Give me something to do when they're not doing anything on the site. Finished off NQ1 and NQ2. Some of the other "easy" trophies/avatars are better to start at the beginning of the month (cuz of resets).

So I guess that's about it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for our Halloween/Anniversary pics. ^_^

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