Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Things are alright here. {Would be better if selfish, inconsiderate persons wouldn't use the washer/dryer so damn much cuz it heats up the whole freakin' house! Couldn't get the temp in here below 85 all day yesterday.} Strategizing for Halloween and doing what we can to not go completely mad. I've been reading "Ghosts Among Us" by James Van Praagh. It's really a very interesting book. Right now I'm on the section concerning thought-patterns and energy. There are some things he points out that most people feel on a subconscious level but don't really give any thought to. Food for thought, so to speak. So, what I'm going to do is go through some of my other notes and compile it with some of what he's brought up in the book and compose a blog (which I will likely post to OWR as well) on how our thoughts and actions have a more global affect than we realize. Here's a little preview excerpted from the book:

"Looking at his back, I saw various shapes and sizes of what appeared to be knives or swords. He looked like a porcupine. What quickly came to mind about the swords was that they might be negative thought forms sent by people he had wronged in the past. These negative energies were actually living on his back."

In my compilation I'll be steering clear of ghost energies (except where it is directly related) and focusing on how we affect ourselves and each other with our thoughts and emotions. I will follow up with some simple meditations for those interested in doing their part to make the world a better place.

Okay . . . the searchy thing isn't working. It's not even trying! lmao Last things we watched were 'Nim's Island' which was really good and 'Master and Commander', which was also pretty good. ^_^

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