Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Firstly, thanks for the resounding support on my last blog. ^_^

Right now we're having another problem. The stupid air conditioner. *sigh* Aside from being beyond defunct, it's acting up again. First dealt with the outside unit. Hosed it off real good and replaced the insulation stuff on the pipes coming out of it. Didn't help. So I pulled apart the fan part on the inside (called a "squirrel cage" btw) and cleaned it off really well. Didn't help. *sigh* So back under the house. Aaron helped me to get things done a lot quicker and safer than I'd have done myself. The venting tube thing running from the a/c to the vent system was so nasty right under the a/c. The fiberglass insulation all fell in and got wet and compacted. Called my dad for the green light (and it was actually his idea) to replace the tubing. Went to Lowes and was shocked that it came in a box. :-p And here I was measuring the old stuff. So, we got it in place. Barely. Under the a/c was still wet and the tape wouldn't stick so we had to use jumbo zip ties. I was thinking it would blow right through like it used to. Not particularly. *sigh* I might have to crawl back under and see if it's leaking from somewhere in the tubing (or where it was connected) or somewhere else, cuz it's nice and cold under the house. Such a pain. If it doesn't cool off out there, I'll crawl under tonight with the flashlight. If it cools but still isn't blowing like it should, I'll wait 'til morning. Oy.

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