Monday, September 22, 2008

Beginning of Fall

Autumn has officially started. (up here in the northern hemisphere anyways) Doesn't much feel like it, but 88 is better than 98, right? It is a time to celebrate and is also the time for 'fall cleaning'. Like Spring cleaning only on the opposite end of the year. I'm going to go through the house with my quartz and smudge stick and clean out the icky vibes mucking up the place. Negativity has no place here! It should have been a clue when I was so quick to anger on a daily basis, but better late than never. And once my mom goes on her retreat I'm going to do some work with re-cleansing and cleaning to solidify a more peaceful atmosphere. And if certain peoples prefer drama and negativity, then they can just leave. *nods* Although I guess I should eat first. Gotta stay strong.

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