Saturday, September 6, 2008

A/C & Malware

Okay, so my dad came home the other day. *supresses rant on other bullshit that was a result of this* Now, I had been under the house, like, 5 times in three days, but what's one more when Mr. Big wants to check it out with you? Nothing!, that's what. So I grabbed my goodie bag (duct tape, garden gloves, pliers, goggles, towels, flashlight) and under we went. He commented on how there seemed to be a lot less room under there from the first time we had to go under a few years back. I thought there might be, but it could've also been that I take up more room than I used to. We scooched over to the offender opening. A little backtrack here: One of my previous endeavors under the house had me replacing the starter duct. The old one was all rusted and rotted and just popped right out. So my dad reached up and jiggled it a bit, checking my handi-work, and was satisfied with what he saw. No reason why it shouldn't be blowing like a mad cow through the house. So we went back in and started it up and it's blowing a little better (he claims "magic fingers"). Next step, should we use to take it, is to re-take apart the inside unit (if you recall, I did that 2nd to clean it out) and see if we can spot a clog.

Now, for my public service to you, my readers. Somehow early (EARLY) yesterday morning we got hit with a malicious adware program. It's a fake security alert. You know the red windows shield with the X in it? One of those appears in your toolbar (over by the clock) and pops up a little alert that says "You have a security risk". Uh, duh, you got in, didn't you? After about 20 function disruptions (cuz it makes it the active window) it pops up a pop-up asking if you want to scan your computer. If you click "No" it resumes it's previous activity. If you click "yes" it brings up a website trying to get you to buy something you can get for free somewhere else. So, after much searching and some trial-and-error downloading, I found a program to get rid of the little bastard! Turns out I had 9 Trojans sitting in my computer! So, if this should happen to you, or if you're just wondering if your comp is infected with any adware or malware you haven't gotten rid of, here's what finally got rid of it:

Major Geeks: Malwarebytes Download

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