Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Knee Bone's Connected To....

not much at all. Okay, maybe it's not that funny. So you may (or may not) remember that last May my mom had her knee replaced. It worked out well for her. In fact, she liked it so much she'd doing it again! This November (21st) she's having her other knee replaced. Working or not that means I get to spend even more time at the hospital and helping her around and all the loveliness of physical therapy. Yay. It's kind of interesting that last night, for the first time in years, I check my my.yahoo.com page and my horoscope said something about not trying to control the direction of my life so fiercely because things will work out in their own way. Hrm. Last time I had the 'Dark Tower' books to keep me occupied. This time I'm entertaining the idea of going out to Goodwill and picking up that lab coat and seeing how many people mistake me for a Dr. "Good morning sir, and how are we feeling this morning? Good, good. Well, it looks like your tests haven't come back yet, I'll run down to the lab and check on that. You make sure you get plenty of rest." Hehehe. Would be easier to go to walmart and pick up a nurse outfit thingy, but then I'd have people expecting me to actually do stuff. Doctors get bothered less in the halls as long as they look like their heading off someplace important.

I did the cleansing yesterday. Didn't work so well as I had hoped. It does feel a little lighter. I'm just going to have to wait until I have a bit more privacy and re-go over the high traffic areas. Pleh.

And to clarify, no I haven't cut my hair "mega lesbian" short. lol Perhaps I should continue to let my hair down when I've got a camera in my hand. And maybe a touch of make-up wouldn't hurt either. . . . I'll definitely work on that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beginning of Fall

Autumn has officially started. (up here in the northern hemisphere anyways) Doesn't much feel like it, but 88 is better than 98, right? It is a time to celebrate and is also the time for 'fall cleaning'. Like Spring cleaning only on the opposite end of the year. I'm going to go through the house with my quartz and smudge stick and clean out the icky vibes mucking up the place. Negativity has no place here! It should have been a clue when I was so quick to anger on a daily basis, but better late than never. And once my mom goes on her retreat I'm going to do some work with re-cleansing and cleaning to solidify a more peaceful atmosphere. And if certain peoples prefer drama and negativity, then they can just leave. *nods* Although I guess I should eat first. Gotta stay strong.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Why is it that some people believe they can just go where they want and do what they want and whereever they are is theirs? This bitch. I try to be nice. I try to give people a chance. I try to see all people as people but some people just go out of their way to make this exceedinly difficult.

So first she decides to redecorate the bathroom. Whether because it was not to her liking or to try and act like she was making an attempt at work is inconsequencial. She had no business doing it. Going around the house treating the animals as if they were her own. Trying to pick up Onyx (which I'm sure I don't have to tell you ended badly for the little bitch) shaving Jet and giving her a new collar. This last little bit is overly disturbing. There are dogs at the 2nd house down that get out from time to time. No big deal. They're friendly and they always go home. But this bitch decides to take it upon herself to call animal control. Of course, who gets to be the one to answer the door? Me. And it's not like I could tell the guy that there was no problem cuz one of the dogs was out and standing right at the gate. I did my best to explain that they were friendly and told him where they live. I don't know if it made any difference, but I had to try! What right does she have to come in here and start making changes to suit herself? What makes her think she's entitled to interfere in the lives of people who actually live here?! You know she wanted to decorate the outside for Halloween? WTF?! That is our day. We didn't get married on it because we hate the holiday and were looking for a reason to like it. Thankfully Aaron set her straight. We do the decorating and if she touches any of it I'll break her damned hands. I have had it with her. I've dealt with some difficult people in my time, but this is rediculous. I'm at my wit's end.

I feel a little better, having gotten that all out. I wish I had my 'What Would Buddha Do' notes cuz I'm still at a loss. Perhaps I'll find something useful online and then go lay down in the sun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost & Found

Remember a whiles back when I mentioned that we had lost our copy of 300? Aaron found it last night. It was in the cubby behind the playstation under a couple of other DVDs that aren't quite movies. Hurray. He was actually looking for S.O.C.O.M. Never did find that. He thinks he traded it in. I'm skeptical. Partly because it's one of those games that he pops in to play often-ish. Partly because I don't think he'd have gotten enough for it to make it worth it.

I think the cold nights are having an adverse affect on my tomato plant. I've gotten 3 good 'maters off of it, and 2 more are changing color. A bunch of the leaves are wilting, though. :-( I do have pictures. They're still on the camera, though, since it's running out of battery power. Also have some pics of my Mrs. Lovett pie and the masks he's been working on. We're not wearing masks on Halloween, just to give him something to do.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How Shallow

Late night, early morning infomercials are the worst. Caught one for weight loss this morning. Lady on there said "It's so AWESOME being a hot mom!" For sure. You know what's even more awesome? Being a good mother. Who are you trying to impress? Love isn't blind, but it sees deeper than surface appearances that will fade (and in some cases completely obliterate) over time. What kind of message do you think you're sending to your kids? "Sorry Sissy, I can't help you with your homework. Mommy's on the treadmill because body is more important than brains." "Yes Jimmy, how a woman looks is most important." Kids should learn about healthy eating and excersize above how a person looks. Good behavior. Manners. Brains!! It's one thing to have a goal of being healthy to be there for your kids throughout their lives. But to strive to be a "hot mom"?! Your kids don't care how "hot" you are! In fact, they'll end up being embarrased or even scarred when their friends/boyfriends are drooling over you. Selfish. If your husband really loves you for you, he doesn't care what you look like either, so long as you're healthy and happy. If he does care, well then he's just as shallow as you are and perhaps you deserve each other. But for the sake of the rest of us DON'T BREED! And if you must, please, make sure you have the money to hire a nanny with actual morals. And let me know when you start to sag and fall and wrinkle up so Aaron and I can laugh our saggy, wrinkly asses off at your expense. Compatibility trumps appearances. Check and mate.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Woman Now

And it seems like only yesterday she was just a young pup. *sniffles* They grow up so quickly, don't they? Hehe. Jet just went into her first heat. Poor girl hates her diaper thingies. See:

Sasha had a belt thingy, but we couldn't find that, so it's the diapers for now. She's due for some shot or other, but after that it's time to get the little one "fixed". We'll probably take her up the street where we took Onyx. They do good work. Hopefully we can get that done before her next cycle. I dunno, though. My dad was stuck in Corpus Christi for, like, 4 days. *gggrrr* No tire movey, no money makey. I do have some plans on that end, but it's going to have to wait until the driveway dries out again. It's dry now, but with Ike picking up speed I have a bad feeling we're going to be mud-bogged in no time. *sigh* Yeah, I'm scared. Especially with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass running around. *double-sigh* We've been working on our costumes. Aaron's is more done than mine, but that's about par for the course. lol I've got most of my bits, though. We've also got to work out how we're going to decorate the porch! So behind. ^_^

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming Events

Things are alright here. {Would be better if selfish, inconsiderate persons wouldn't use the washer/dryer so damn much cuz it heats up the whole freakin' house! Couldn't get the temp in here below 85 all day yesterday.} Strategizing for Halloween and doing what we can to not go completely mad. I've been reading "Ghosts Among Us" by James Van Praagh. It's really a very interesting book. Right now I'm on the section concerning thought-patterns and energy. There are some things he points out that most people feel on a subconscious level but don't really give any thought to. Food for thought, so to speak. So, what I'm going to do is go through some of my other notes and compile it with some of what he's brought up in the book and compose a blog (which I will likely post to OWR as well) on how our thoughts and actions have a more global affect than we realize. Here's a little preview excerpted from the book:

"Looking at his back, I saw various shapes and sizes of what appeared to be knives or swords. He looked like a porcupine. What quickly came to mind about the swords was that they might be negative thought forms sent by people he had wronged in the past. These negative energies were actually living on his back."

In my compilation I'll be steering clear of ghost energies (except where it is directly related) and focusing on how we affect ourselves and each other with our thoughts and emotions. I will follow up with some simple meditations for those interested in doing their part to make the world a better place.

Okay . . . the searchy thing isn't working. It's not even trying! lmao Last things we watched were 'Nim's Island' which was really good and 'Master and Commander', which was also pretty good. ^_^

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A/C & Malware

Okay, so my dad came home the other day. *supresses rant on other bullshit that was a result of this* Now, I had been under the house, like, 5 times in three days, but what's one more when Mr. Big wants to check it out with you? Nothing!, that's what. So I grabbed my goodie bag (duct tape, garden gloves, pliers, goggles, towels, flashlight) and under we went. He commented on how there seemed to be a lot less room under there from the first time we had to go under a few years back. I thought there might be, but it could've also been that I take up more room than I used to. We scooched over to the offender opening. A little backtrack here: One of my previous endeavors under the house had me replacing the starter duct. The old one was all rusted and rotted and just popped right out. So my dad reached up and jiggled it a bit, checking my handi-work, and was satisfied with what he saw. No reason why it shouldn't be blowing like a mad cow through the house. So we went back in and started it up and it's blowing a little better (he claims "magic fingers"). Next step, should we use to take it, is to re-take apart the inside unit (if you recall, I did that 2nd to clean it out) and see if we can spot a clog.

Now, for my public service to you, my readers. Somehow early (EARLY) yesterday morning we got hit with a malicious adware program. It's a fake security alert. You know the red windows shield with the X in it? One of those appears in your toolbar (over by the clock) and pops up a little alert that says "You have a security risk". Uh, duh, you got in, didn't you? After about 20 function disruptions (cuz it makes it the active window) it pops up a pop-up asking if you want to scan your computer. If you click "No" it resumes it's previous activity. If you click "yes" it brings up a website trying to get you to buy something you can get for free somewhere else. So, after much searching and some trial-and-error downloading, I found a program to get rid of the little bastard! Turns out I had 9 Trojans sitting in my computer! So, if this should happen to you, or if you're just wondering if your comp is infected with any adware or malware you haven't gotten rid of, here's what finally got rid of it:

Major Geeks: Malwarebytes Download

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Firstly, thanks for the resounding support on my last blog. ^_^

Right now we're having another problem. The stupid air conditioner. *sigh* Aside from being beyond defunct, it's acting up again. First dealt with the outside unit. Hosed it off real good and replaced the insulation stuff on the pipes coming out of it. Didn't help. So I pulled apart the fan part on the inside (called a "squirrel cage" btw) and cleaned it off really well. Didn't help. *sigh* So back under the house. Aaron helped me to get things done a lot quicker and safer than I'd have done myself. The venting tube thing running from the a/c to the vent system was so nasty right under the a/c. The fiberglass insulation all fell in and got wet and compacted. Called my dad for the green light (and it was actually his idea) to replace the tubing. Went to Lowes and was shocked that it came in a box. :-p And here I was measuring the old stuff. So, we got it in place. Barely. Under the a/c was still wet and the tape wouldn't stick so we had to use jumbo zip ties. I was thinking it would blow right through like it used to. Not particularly. *sigh* I might have to crawl back under and see if it's leaking from somewhere in the tubing (or where it was connected) or somewhere else, cuz it's nice and cold under the house. Such a pain. If it doesn't cool off out there, I'll crawl under tonight with the flashlight. If it cools but still isn't blowing like it should, I'll wait 'til morning. Oy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This situation has me so flustered and upset that I can barely even form a coherent sentance to properly describe it. In Wicca, we have but two rules to follow. Harm None and don't mess with free will. Casting a love spell to make someone love you is a big No-No. So when a person manipulates another it is troubling. When a person manipulates another using their heart and their love as the pivot, it goes well beyond troubling. Using a person's love against them to serve your own ends goes beyond appaling. It's downright criminal. Love is pure and to abuse it in this way leaves a stain. A mark on your spirit. I have seen the affects of PWS (For a rundown on PWS check out Brak's Blog. I believe it's public . . .) and it's associated disorders and syndromes first-hand. The shocking connection between these sufferers is that the people they chase are love abusers. They leach and control and manipulate and have no real knowledge of what love even is. Love is not conditional. Love is not subservient. Love is not "You scratch my back then get the hell out of my face." Love is equal and nurturing and unconditional. How is it that so many people have such a skewed idea of love? Friendship is love. It is, I dare say, a truer love than you find between a mother and child. Family is bonded in blood. You are, quite literally, connected to each other. Friends love each other without that inborn bond. True enough that friendships come and go with time and distance (among many other factors), as with anything else in nature. But in cases where PWS is present, the abuser creates a wedge, and the sufferer let's it happen. Even when s/he willingly recognizes and acknowledges that something is just not right! If your entire self-worth rests on the shoulders of a person who cuts you off from anything other than themself, you may suffer from a PWS affiliate condition. It kills me when a perfectly good friendship is torn apart by an unbalanced 3rd party. I have been told that I have a very 'fluffy bunny' view on life. Be a good person, help each other out, love one another, any problem can be solved without violence. I don't see this as a bad thing. Except when violent or neglectful or hateful hurtful things happen. Especially when they could be very well avoided. It cuts deeper because I just don't understand how people can be so mean and hateful and selfish and cruel. I do have my moments of anger, but I don't make a life out of it. Step back and regroup and take a good look at what you're doing. There are people who believe that "Good" would not be "good" without "Evil". I disagree. We do not need violent acts of savagery to know what "good" is! If you make your life selflessly helping those in need, it doesn't stop feeling right. If you put forth the effort to look at people as people and treat others as you would want to be treated, it doesn't become mundane. It spreads and comes back and feels better. Decietful acts breed paranoia like infection. Kind acts breed joy and satisfaction. Yin and Yang are not good and evil. They are opposites true, but natural opposites. Hot and cold, light and dark. We are humans. Supposing to be more advanced than our animal friends. So, honestly, people should know better than to treat other people like shit.

I guess 10 hours of trying to figure out how to put it in the most constructive/least offensive way just went out the window. There it all is. Heh. Like I was telling Emmy, it's your blog, write what you want. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it.