Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Day!

Brak's birthday was a couple days ago. Yesterday Aaron and I went out there to give her her birthday presents. ^_^ We went over to the big house to see if Walter was awake. And he was! Yeah. I got to hang out at the mall with Aaron and Brak and Walter! I know, you're totally jealous. I got one of those big soft pretzels and cheese dip. Mmmmm. Salty cheese is good. My tongue was happy. We walked around the whole mall. Coach House has, like, three whole sets of shelves of Sanrio stuff! Aaron got me a stuffed Keroppi. ^_^ I'll be getting a pic of that soon.

I have been keeping up with my water and meditation. I just want to get into a better rhythm/routine before I try adding something else.

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