Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay, so yesterday we were driving back here from Heights. We were stopped at the two stop lights on the bridge crossing the highway. I was sitting there and suddenly my boob started to feel hot. Really hot!! I just figured it was cuz of the sun. Well, I was right. Got home and checked and the sun burned me! Through two layers of clothes!! Could not believe it. And now here we are. 10:30 at night. All of a sudden ("it stopped" haha Inside joke) we're hearing this noise outside of our window. Like someone blowing on a jug. Aaron went out to check and it's windy. So, thankfully, it's likely just the wind blowing through the air conditioner. *phew* I was concerned. We just got new neighbors and they were having some kind of get together and someone (it may be theirs, maybe not) had a Germen Shepard. At first I was scared Elvis was making the noise. He's been having a time of it. *sigh* But, yeah, that's what's going on.

And, yeah, we totally got that box set when it came out. I'm playing through again for, like, the fifth time. lol Just making sure I don't save over my 100% completion save.

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