Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Roof Is On Fire!!

For those of you who haven't heard: The big Action Pawn on the corner of Ft. Hood St. and CenTex Expressway is a crispy critter. Somewhat. The roof caught fire (still no word on how) around 10pm on the 26th. My sister called to let us know shortly after, but we didn't catch it on the news until about 5am on the 27th. At which time it was still pretty . . . firey. They had some footage of the actual fire (which we totally missed ) which was, like, a pillar of fire shooting straight up from the roof. We left here around 8am yesterday to try and get some pics of the carnage. Cuz, ya know, when everyone's trying to get onto Ft. Hood is a super time to rubberneck. ^_^ Ah, but east-bound traffic was also pretty conjested on account of the right lane being blocked off all around the corner. So we doubled back and made our way over to the (formerly) Albertson's parking lot across the street. The outside still looks intact, but apparently parts of the roof have caved in.
Notice all the emergency crews still flanking the building. There was something like 600 guns and 50,000 rounds of ammo stored in there. So they had to strategize so nobody accidentally got shot. O.o But, I could tell on the camera that this wasn't a very good picture, and being without HP Image Zone to really fix it up . . . we decided to get a little closer. ^_^ Pulled up into the bank parking lot and snapped these. One is fairly well the same as above, only closer and a more direct angle; the other is of a firefighter who was up on the ladder.
I was really hoping to get some pics of charred carnage. Perhaps there is still time. As of yesterday afternoon there was still smoke coming from the building. It sucks for all the people who had heirlooms and stuff pawned that they were actually going to get back out, but this is Killeen. This is likely the most exciting thing to happen for quite a while.

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