Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Shoot Me

Or don't. Thanks for the offer Richard (if you're still reading lol) as soon as I figure out exactly what to ask I'll let ya know. ^_^

So. Found out this morning that my sister is moving back in. *groans* Which wouldn't be so bad by itself, but we already know she's going to be carting around her latest mooching girlfriend. I don't care that my sister's gay, I don't care that she prefers the company of black girls (not even close to women . . . girls). I do care that they are all bitches. Coming in here acting like they're somebody. *gggrrr* So, yeah, we're not-quite looking forward to the ensuing hell.

Stupid computer is still downloading updates! *faints* Maybe if we can keep it connected overnight . . . .

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