Thursday, August 14, 2008


When it rains it pours. Ya know? I'm on my mom's computer at the moment. I hate this keyboard. Anyway. Our computer had died. Like . . . dead dead. I dunno what happened. All I know is this: Waited for my mom to get off the internet so I could get online. When she got offline I went to open aol *shushes the peanut gallery* and it wouldn't open. Couldn't find the file. No biggie. I grabbed the disc to reinstall it. It wouldn't install. It would start and then a message came up saying "We're sorry you've decided to not install aol at this time blah-blah-blah" Huh? I didn't decide not to install it! So I tried again. Same thing. Hrm. Ah well. After the last meltdown I've been very dilligent about backing up our personal stuff, so I try to restore to an earlier setting. Once, twice, thrice . . . . nothing. "Can not restore to this point." System restore time. Right? Wrong. Get this, restored to factory settings, but still had all of our stuff too! That's not right. So I get on this computer and download a virus scan/remove/clean software. Put it on my flash drive. Now the comp won't recognize it. Put it on a CD. Slow reading, but I get the install files onto my desktop. Double-click to install . . . . computer restarts! Try again . . . same results. *gggrrr* Tried the system restore again *dramatic pause* it can't restore at least 1/2 the files! Can't find 'em. Huh? Try restarting the computer, can't find the file to start windows! *ugh* I called my dad and he remembered the system back-up discs I had made when we very first got the computer. Ah-ha! While I was digging for those I found something else useful. The Master Restore disc (only use when instructed by a technician). *phooey* I pop in the M.R. disc and everything's looking fine . . . until . . . Bad Command or File Name C:/ *sigh* And now it's not even recognizing the CD drives either. Sad sad days. So, long story short (too late) my net time will be erratic at best. For, likely, no less than a week. Unless we can find a cheap-o laptop at a pawnshop or something. Luckily he's going on vacation next week AND we don't need to buy a new phone for Aaron. (long story short ~ it crapped out too) So . . . . *sigh* maybe we'll get lucky. I'm not expecting an $800 job like he just got my mom (did I mention I hate this keyboard?) just something to get online on. *fingers crossed

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