Friday, August 29, 2008

Afterthought Snickers

I'm wondering how many people read my last blog wondering if I was really obsessed enough to blog about my own roof burning . . . . while it was happening. lmao We drove by the Action Pawn last night (out of the way, but, ya know, rubbernecking) and the CenTex Expressway side is pretty charred. Gotta find a way to get a pic of that before they clean it up. It was about 5 this morning and they had a sheriff posted up in the parking lot with his lights shining on the hole in the side of the building. For those of you who think me slow, let me remove any doubt. It wasn't until we got up to Jasper that I realized he was probably there to keep people from just walking in and taking stuff. ^_^ I guess I'm just not criminally inclined. *shushes the peanut gallery*

I have a new pic of my tomato plant! . . . in my camera. Hehe. Oh, but we did find memory cards for the camera for pretty cheap at Walgreens (the night guy gets bored, I guess, so he really chats us up whenever we're in there). 2G for $15 on sale. 'Course, it would've been nice if he'd have told us Pall Malls were on sale for $22 bucks a carton before we paid for the USA Golds. *sigh* But at least he's not one of those assholes who feels the need to say "You really should quit" or "You sure do smoke a lot" every time. In fact, last time we were there he told us that his woman (he may have said wife, may have said girlfriend. I don't remember) thinks he quit, but he didn't really. Hrm. Interesting folks ya meet in the middle of the night. lol Way better than the assholes packin' the place/town up in the middle of the day.

Oh. And for those of you around here (to whom it may pertain) HEB's got some pretty decent/cheap movies. We picked up 4 last night cuz they were on sale 2/$10. We watched 'Private Resort' this morning. Ah. Johnny Depp's bare ass. *swoons* I would post up a screenshot for ya (hurray for eMachine coming with PowerDVD!), but I can't think of an image hoster that would keep it up long enough for you to see it. :-( I'm shocked my background hasn't been taken down.

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