Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm still keeping up with my 64oz/day of water. It only gets difficult when Aaron steals my water and I lose the bottle. S'okay, though. He really needs it more than I do. I still sweat like crazy, but the heat really isn't bothering me as much as it has in previous years. I don't feel like taking a permanent siesta. Which is good, cuz that storm from helped a little . . . but not really that much.

I've also decided to add 5 minutes of daily meditation to my routine. I used to meditate fairly frequently so it's an easier habit to fall back in to. Today will be day three on that one. I just have to time it a little earlier. Almost fell asleep yesterday.

I think I may have to test my tomato plant for steroids. ^_^ Here's a pic I took a couple of days ago:

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