Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing Green

Yes, here are my garden pics. Oh, you so care. ^_^ First, my radishes:

It's probably a little hard to see, but there's 8 of 'em fighting for dominance in that box. They're gonna be so good once they're all nice and plump. *drools* I already got warnings from my better half about sharing. ^_^

Next, my amazing tomatoes!

I dunno how the picture's going to look, but it's pretty big. I'll have to take a pic of it with something for a size reference. Possibly after I get my cool new tricked out tomato cage! ^_^ Then everybody can ooh and aw and throw a parade for Brak for saving my plant from certain tippage. I'm so scared for it. I never expected it to get so big. Yes. I'm gushing over my tomato plant. Anybody wanting to call dibs on salmonella free tomatoes (and willing to use the gas to come pick 'em up) let me know! lmao Even though that little problem will likely be cleared up by the time these are ready to harvest. I do have a book with gardening tips that my mom picked up, so I've got some cheap-o ways to grow better 'maters.

Well, I'm off to spend some time with the sweet girl. Isn't she so adorable?! She gets so lonely when she's left alone.

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