Monday, July 21, 2008

Dream Hallucinations

Yesterday I had the weirdest thing happen. I went outside to rest my head and warm my bones for a bit. It was about 2pm. Hottest time of the day I tells ya! I ended up falling asleep on the swing for 2 hours! That's not the weird part. I had a dream. I dreamt I was sleeping on the swing and someone was planting a flower garden next to my head. Then my sister came and woke me up to show me something. But that was just a dream, because Aaron woke me up. Scolding me for falling asleep in the heat even though he told me not to (which he has). I told him that Sandra just woke me up and I had no reason to believe that being woken up was a dream, so I assumed it was true. But, all of that was a dream too! So . . . I woke up very sweaty and very confused. I don't know what actually woke me up.

Also, if you are so moved to, please pray for Jet. (The puppy in my profile pic there) She ate a pencil. So far as we know she hasn't pooped except for once since (she may have and we didn't catch her, but I'm not thinking she did until I see for myself). She's still running around and playful, and she's had instances of delayed poops before after eating something she wasn't supposed to. I just really hope this is another one of those.

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