Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Defy The Odds

Okay, so $5 in the crane game isn't too much defying, but when it's $1 a shot that's not too bad. It actually would've worked out better if Marge hadn't been such a stubborn old biddy. Got Hulk on 2 tries and Marge I actually got on the first shot, but then she got stuck in the box (way up at the top), so it took two more tries to punch her down. :-p Couldn't just leave her there for someone else to snatch up! So now we have 60% of the Simpsons family. 1 Marge, 2 Homers and 3 Barts. Hrm. We've seen Lisa here and there, but she's usually buried. Haven't seen Maggy at all, though. Anywho, here's a cross section of our Simpsons:
Fun. Oh, we do not recommend "Borderline Cult" for fun horror movie watching. It was an interesting story, not well executed. It was like something somebody taped with a regular old camcorder (complete with the camcorder's microphone instead of a filtering boom mike) and the acting was decidedly sub-par. Interesting story, though . . .

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