Saturday, July 19, 2008

Backup Mindset

^_^ I did just like Brak said. I put myself in the mindset of a backup disc and asked myself "Where would I be?" Well, in this big scary room full of stuff that could scratch or break me, I'd want to be safe with my friends up in the trays under the TV. So, I checked. First tray . . . nothing. Second tray. Well, that's where all the burned discs are! And, thankfully, this one was too. There's still a ton of pics that are G4G, but this one was there. As were 3 other re-writeables that weren't labelled. So maybe I'll find more! It's like a treasure hunt. "What's on that disc!?" Most of 'em are music, but that's also good. Less we have to try and re-download. Which, to everyone we've recommended Shareaza to . . . *shakes head* That has also gone the way of "pay per track". No more p2p there. Unless you want someone's amatuer remix of your favorite song. We did find a program. *snickers* Zultrax. (ZOLTAN!) That's still good, old-fashioned p2p file sharing. o.O Just checked the progress of my backup file transfer. I think there might be some program thingies in there I have on our re-download list. *squeels!* Oh. Man. Soon as the sun comes up I have to get some pics of my plants. The radishes are still growing bigger! and my tomato plant has gotten so tall! I have to find a place on the ground for it so the tippy-top can get some sun.

My dad's here for the weekend, so if you don't hear from me, that's why. Well, here's why:

My mom bought a computer. It would have been a fine computer for her to store pics on and get on the internet. She bogged it down with games that she would leave open. Like, 3 games running at once. O.o So, when the fan wouldn't shut off and things got to slow, she sent it off to my sister's husband (yes, I refuse to call him my brother-in-law. He's no brother of mine) to "fix". Now, this is the same dumbass who killed our last computer which sent me to the library on a daily basis to check my e-mail. Hrm. I made a comment to that effect which was promptly dismissed. Oh, but of course he knows what he's doing. Well, no he didn't. Anyone care to explain to me how a window can say that a device is working properly when it can't even detect it? Not only that, he did something to the D: drive so it was no longer a recovery drive, but a normal hard drive. And as we all know from my previous heart-ache: being able to recover is a good thing. So. My dad's going out today to price PCs. Just the boxy part since the monitor, keyboard, etc still work. Yeah.

Oh, before I go. If anybody's exceedingly curious (NOSEY! :-p) about what was on those three (it was three) unlabelled re-writeables. 2 were music CDs and one was blank. . . . . yay! ^_^

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