Monday, July 14, 2008

All Gone....

You know how when you're taking computer classes in school and they stress the importance of saving and backing up your work? And ya know how in real life things like that sort of slip your mind? Yeah. Something happened with our comp last night when I tried to restart it and nothing would fix it. Apparently the option to run diagnostics without windows is no longer readily available (at least on mine) so I couldn't even figure out what the problem was. Had to do a complete system restore. I have an old back-up disk somewhere. If anybody has any ideas on where it could be I'm all ears. So now I'm plotting out on the calendar regular times to do a complete back up of all our personal stuff. So many pictures. So much music. So much stuff gone forever. On the bright side, there's some stuff on disk and some more stuff uploaded online. We just really need one of those USB memory stick thingies. *ugh* So much stuff I'm gonna have to redownload! Firefox, yahoo messenger, Shareaza. *hears several of the world's tiniest violins playing simultaneously* Piss off, it sucks! :-p At least it wasn't a complete system meltdown (run from the fried hard drives! EEEEEeeeek!) and the comp still works. So, could be worse. Also, hey Barker! It's Monday. Did I miss a round of GASB?! *mental note: Check blog subscriptions for last GASBs*

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