Sunday, June 1, 2008

So Popular

Strange week it's been. Very strange indeed. Had Brak come over Thursday since I was supposed to pick my dad up from Dallas. We got Sims installed (yay!) and hung out. She got to meet Jet. And Jet was super excited to meet her. Jet loves meeting new people. Then, while we were hanging out here (no time for lake *boo*) Ricky came over. O.o Very strange indeed.

So, Friday. I was supposed to go pick up my dad from Dallas. Apparently the last couple of conversations he had with the Schneider people were a little heated so they sent him straight to the Harker Heights lot. He told me not to tell mom so we could throw her off when we got back. I'm a tad disappointed at not being able to drive up to Dallas, but I'll get over it.

Then, yesterday Tim shows up and takes Aaron with him out to the junk yard. Wow, 3 people in 3 days? But that's not all. Nate showed up too. *faints*. It kind of felt like Sims, where you show up at someone's house to make sure they still remember you. ^_^

I was going to add a recipe here, but between myspace being glitchy and my internet disconnecting on me, I'll save that for later.

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