Monday, June 2, 2008

Pro Cras Tin Ate

What is it about some things that just pile up? I guess in the spirit of last minute spring cleaning (even though it's practically been summer for, like, a week) we're taking our old lawn mowers (yes, mowers) up to the curb. My dad had to buy yet another new one (5th one in 6 years) and we have 3 (my sister pawned one) sitting in front of the house. So, away they go!

Oh, a word of warning. I picked up some nail polish yesterday. It was called "Pale Plum" or some such color. I checked the numbers on the little rectangle and bottle to make sure they matched. They did. It was supposed to be a shimmery light lavendar color. The bottle looked kind of off, but the numbers matched! So I told myself "Maybe it'll dry different. Sometimes they do that." And sometimes they do! However, instead of a pretty pale plum I got stuck with a bottle of Cali-porno pink! *wails* I'm gonna write the company on that one. BTW: The color-blind company is NYC. And no "you get what you pay for" remarks from the peanut gallery. Back when you could get 'Jane' cosmetics for 99cents everywhere I always got the color I was expecting.

If ya don't see me around it's cuz my dad's home for the week (as I mentioned) and when he wants the internet he gets it. 'Lotta cool stuff out there on that internet'.

Also, by the way. I haven't gotten too far into Duma Key. It should prove to be interesting, though. The main character starts out recovering from a crane accident. Head bashed in, ribs broke, one arm missing and gimpy legged. So it's been a couple of pages of physical therapy and divorce. (His wife couldn't handle being married to a differently abled person)

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