Friday, June 27, 2008

Glorious Gardening

Ha ha! Two days in a row. Take that procrastination and business. *cracks whip* Okay, first an update on the old garden business. All my onions and the garlic are gone. Kaput. I may have mentioned this, maybe not. I don't remember. My terrarium I finally checked on. Hrm. I'll have to check wherever I wrote down where I planted everything in it. Something is growing. Possibly the eucalyptus. However, I'm having to deal with a slight mold issue since it really was not getting the sun it wanted. So, I took the top off and now it's a regular outside planter. Hopefully some direct sun will help whatever it is that's growing since it grew in all sideways. Ya know, since plants follow the sun. Now, the moment we've all been waiting for. My tomatoes! Oh and they are looking lovely. Well, one of them is. The one that got damaged in the storm is a little stunted, but growing. The stronger one is growing buds! *whoot* Here's a picture of how big it's gotten:
Woah. Big. Now, I don't have pics of the new plants yet, but since the sun's coming up I'm about to go out and check on 'em as soon as I'm done online. We were at Wal*Mart and Aaron strongly persuaded me to pick up more plants. :-p We got pregrown red bell peppers and basil, and some radish and oregano seeds. We also picked up some Miracle Grow potting soil. I tried to talk him into the cheaper stuff, but he wasn't going for it.
So there's my garden update. Thanks ya'll so much for the positive comments on little whisker's vidya and my pic. ^_^ Nothing like a cute puppy to generate interest. lol

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