Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ah. Hrm. So the lawnmowers ended up being a funny sort of mini-shock. You know: *gasp* OMG roflmao. I ended up going out about 20 minutes after setting them by the curb (had to get oil for the new lawnmower) and they were already gone. One of the funny aspects to that being that it took my dad and me 20 minutes to get them into the van in the first place. Someone was quick. I guess people are less shy when there's not a house directly next to what they're jacking from the side of the road. More power to 'em. Less work for the trash guys.

Did a lot of yard work these past couple of days. Between Aaron, my dad and myself we've mowed the lawn (that's a two day job in itself), weed-ate around the house and fence, and trimmed up a bunch of the trees. Now we can walk behind the shed (*snickers* Shed) without getting our eyes poked and the back yard looks almost twice the size.

Oy, yesterday. Nate had given us a window unit air conditioner a year (or two?!) ago since the vent in our room doesn't work. I've been under the house, but you can't really see the vent system from under there without tearing the insulation apart so it's not really something I've investigated at length. Anyway. It worked great. Then over the past months it's gotten louder and louder. There was one point (a whiles back) where it quit draining and leaked all over our floor so we had to open it and clean it out. We did that again yesterday and WD40ed the spinny part. It works on fans. Apparently not so much on air conditioners. This thing got so loud we were practically yelling at each other to be heard. Hurray (once again) for daddy! I gave him $20 (I could swear we had more than that) for a fan since he was going to Wal-Mart anyway and he picked us up a whole new air conditioner. It's so pretty and quiet. So quiet. I can hear the voices in my head again! ^_^ It really works too . . . I'm about to have to turn it down again . . . . there we go. At least we have the comp on the far side of the room from it (we used to sit on the edge of the bed right in front of the a/c) but it's still a direct blast of cold air. *shivers*

Ah, Sims. I think if Aaron had known there were vampires and zombies we'd have gotten 'em a long time ago. (Thanks Brak! ^_^) Now he's all addicted and the computer has turned itself into the playstation! If I want on I better do it while he's sleeping. lol He wants his whole neighborhood to be zombies, vampires and aliens. Oh geez. lol My dad about gave me a heart attack!! At the exact time the a/c kicked on (the cooling kicked on, it runs constantly . . . you know how window units work!) he turned on the weedeater right outside our window. *phew* I thought it had broken already. Which would figure cuz I can't remember what I did with the receipt. Oooh, crap. I hope he doesn't weedeat those vines. They're pretty hardy (some kind of ivy) and I want to try and transplant them over by the bare patches in the fence. Stupid new neighbors. *grumbles*

No, I'm not done with Duma Key yet. Just reading this one on the side. It's a fun series and they're pretty quick reads. I think this is one of the earlier ones, though cuz her cat is still misbehaved and she's not married (or even engaged yet) and one of the guys is still alive . . . .

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