Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures In . . . Something

Okay, when my dad left he wanted me to replace the front tire on the van (it had a big gouge in it) and get the front end realigned. This was before the Big Battery Fiasco. Finally after many days of psyching myself out and putting it off (procrastinators unite! ~eventually) I made an appointment at Discount Tire Co. to replace the tire. Ya know, in the interest of having it done before he got back . . . . tomorrow. So I made the appointment for 10:30 this morning. Earliest time they had. Stayed up all night (we've had off hours) and ended up leaving the house at 7am. I may have mentioned we've been leaving Elvis in the living room so he doesn't go berzerk and tear up our bedroom. It's far easier to get him to motivate when he's already awake. So. 3 hours to kill. We swung by the bank to get the money. We went to Home Depot to price those extended branch cutters. ($40 for the cheapest clipper type) While we were there I wanted to check out those pre-fab houses they have by the sheds. Not too shabby. I mean, if you plan on living in it (they are houses after all) you have to get all the plumbing and electric and such done yourself for extra, but other than that, not too shabby. Aaron hated it. Said they're glorified storage sheds. Party pooper. ^_^ Then we went to Target to see if they had anymore Sim packs and neopets plushes. No and no. We got some notebooks, though.

After that we went to the mall. It was about 9:30 by this time so it was all mall pacers. Fun stuff. After taking a trip around the mostly deserted mall we headed to DTC. There were a few people waiting around, so making that appointment was super smart of me. *pats self on the back* The guy had no problem letting me add a tire to the work order (as if they would *cha-ching*); looked at the tires. Confirmed what I deduced about which two were the worst and got everything all set up. Even threw in a free tire balance (which is probably standard lol) for the back tire that was moving up front. Yeah, apparently now they have to put the new tires on the back. I was going to have them put up front but I'd have had to sign a waiver cuz Michalin (that's what I'm saying cuz that's what I'm fairly sure he said, but it may have been something else) got sued because of some girl who got into a wreck which could have been avoided if the better traction had been in the back. So, whatever, put 'em on the back. The one tire is still in really good shape and the other one isn't terribly bad either so it doesn't make too much difference. (Hey, does anyone else have problems going back to fix something in their blog and it automatically overwrites instead of inserting? Weird)

So, he says it's going to be about an hour. We walk up to ROSS to kill some more time. (Happy Shed? Time died for you!) Picked up a pretty dress for me. It's very similar to the green one I wore to Tim & Faith's rehearsal wedding. Except it's brown, has pink flowers embroidered (doilie style) on the bottom . . . and there's no shoulder straps. Didn't figure that part out 'til we got here and I put it on. So it is held up by lots of elastic and the sheer power of my awesome bewbage. Ya know, I really like how I look in brown. 'Course, I am an autumn girl. No worries, I'll have a pic up soon. Starting to get kind of weirded out having myself staring at me all guyed up. :-p

Anywho, we went back and the van was just finished up! Perfect timing. We got the insurance with the tires so if anything untoward should happen, free replacements! *whoot* It's driving much better now. And even from the few short stops we made after (stops into stores, not stops at, like, lights or whatever), I can tell the gas mileage thanks us. Helluva difference. So, after such a long day Aaron's asleep (has been for about 1/2 an hour) and I will be joining him. I was gonna jump on neopets and Sim for a bit while I had the chance. Eh. It'll be there when I wake up.

Oh *giggles* I walked Jet up to the mailbox again. This was only her second time on a leash and she did so much better! Didn't even wiggle out of her collar this time. And she only tugged a little bit. Did it partly to wear her out (she was super pissed we were gone that long) and partly because I just felt like walking around in my new dress. Ah, but Shed's asleep and I'm sure the rest of you are getting there. I rant. I know. Oh, bugger, I'm gonna miss Simpsons again. Nope, not gonna make it 2 hours. Ah well.

Okay, I'm really hanging up this time. *ugh* I hate having to dig through when the movie only has one word for the title. You know this was on the 12th page!

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