Friday, June 27, 2008

Glorious Gardening

Ha ha! Two days in a row. Take that procrastination and business. *cracks whip* Okay, first an update on the old garden business. All my onions and the garlic are gone. Kaput. I may have mentioned this, maybe not. I don't remember. My terrarium I finally checked on. Hrm. I'll have to check wherever I wrote down where I planted everything in it. Something is growing. Possibly the eucalyptus. However, I'm having to deal with a slight mold issue since it really was not getting the sun it wanted. So, I took the top off and now it's a regular outside planter. Hopefully some direct sun will help whatever it is that's growing since it grew in all sideways. Ya know, since plants follow the sun. Now, the moment we've all been waiting for. My tomatoes! Oh and they are looking lovely. Well, one of them is. The one that got damaged in the storm is a little stunted, but growing. The stronger one is growing buds! *whoot* Here's a picture of how big it's gotten:
Woah. Big. Now, I don't have pics of the new plants yet, but since the sun's coming up I'm about to go out and check on 'em as soon as I'm done online. We were at Wal*Mart and Aaron strongly persuaded me to pick up more plants. :-p We got pregrown red bell peppers and basil, and some radish and oregano seeds. We also picked up some Miracle Grow potting soil. I tried to talk him into the cheaper stuff, but he wasn't going for it.
So there's my garden update. Thanks ya'll so much for the positive comments on little whisker's vidya and my pic. ^_^ Nothing like a cute puppy to generate interest. lol

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Puppy Vidya!

It's only, like, 3 seconds long (short so I can upload it on dial-up!) so you shouldn't have a problem loading it to watch it. Also, I have a picture of my giant tomato plant, but since I've got a few garden updates I'll save that for tomorrow . . . or the next time I'm online. In the mean time, enjoy the vidya. Which is lookin' like it's giving me hell, so if it won't load up here *grumbles* here's the link: & current=6-26-08.flv

I put spaces around the "&" so you'll have to remove those. I dunno what's wrong with this damn thing today.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures In . . . Something

Okay, when my dad left he wanted me to replace the front tire on the van (it had a big gouge in it) and get the front end realigned. This was before the Big Battery Fiasco. Finally after many days of psyching myself out and putting it off (procrastinators unite! ~eventually) I made an appointment at Discount Tire Co. to replace the tire. Ya know, in the interest of having it done before he got back . . . . tomorrow. So I made the appointment for 10:30 this morning. Earliest time they had. Stayed up all night (we've had off hours) and ended up leaving the house at 7am. I may have mentioned we've been leaving Elvis in the living room so he doesn't go berzerk and tear up our bedroom. It's far easier to get him to motivate when he's already awake. So. 3 hours to kill. We swung by the bank to get the money. We went to Home Depot to price those extended branch cutters. ($40 for the cheapest clipper type) While we were there I wanted to check out those pre-fab houses they have by the sheds. Not too shabby. I mean, if you plan on living in it (they are houses after all) you have to get all the plumbing and electric and such done yourself for extra, but other than that, not too shabby. Aaron hated it. Said they're glorified storage sheds. Party pooper. ^_^ Then we went to Target to see if they had anymore Sim packs and neopets plushes. No and no. We got some notebooks, though.

After that we went to the mall. It was about 9:30 by this time so it was all mall pacers. Fun stuff. After taking a trip around the mostly deserted mall we headed to DTC. There were a few people waiting around, so making that appointment was super smart of me. *pats self on the back* The guy had no problem letting me add a tire to the work order (as if they would *cha-ching*); looked at the tires. Confirmed what I deduced about which two were the worst and got everything all set up. Even threw in a free tire balance (which is probably standard lol) for the back tire that was moving up front. Yeah, apparently now they have to put the new tires on the back. I was going to have them put up front but I'd have had to sign a waiver cuz Michalin (that's what I'm saying cuz that's what I'm fairly sure he said, but it may have been something else) got sued because of some girl who got into a wreck which could have been avoided if the better traction had been in the back. So, whatever, put 'em on the back. The one tire is still in really good shape and the other one isn't terribly bad either so it doesn't make too much difference. (Hey, does anyone else have problems going back to fix something in their blog and it automatically overwrites instead of inserting? Weird)

So, he says it's going to be about an hour. We walk up to ROSS to kill some more time. (Happy Shed? Time died for you!) Picked up a pretty dress for me. It's very similar to the green one I wore to Tim & Faith's rehearsal wedding. Except it's brown, has pink flowers embroidered (doilie style) on the bottom . . . and there's no shoulder straps. Didn't figure that part out 'til we got here and I put it on. So it is held up by lots of elastic and the sheer power of my awesome bewbage. Ya know, I really like how I look in brown. 'Course, I am an autumn girl. No worries, I'll have a pic up soon. Starting to get kind of weirded out having myself staring at me all guyed up. :-p

Anywho, we went back and the van was just finished up! Perfect timing. We got the insurance with the tires so if anything untoward should happen, free replacements! *whoot* It's driving much better now. And even from the few short stops we made after (stops into stores, not stops at, like, lights or whatever), I can tell the gas mileage thanks us. Helluva difference. So, after such a long day Aaron's asleep (has been for about 1/2 an hour) and I will be joining him. I was gonna jump on neopets and Sim for a bit while I had the chance. Eh. It'll be there when I wake up.

Oh *giggles* I walked Jet up to the mailbox again. This was only her second time on a leash and she did so much better! Didn't even wiggle out of her collar this time. And she only tugged a little bit. Did it partly to wear her out (she was super pissed we were gone that long) and partly because I just felt like walking around in my new dress. Ah, but Shed's asleep and I'm sure the rest of you are getting there. I rant. I know. Oh, bugger, I'm gonna miss Simpsons again. Nope, not gonna make it 2 hours. Ah well.

Okay, I'm really hanging up this time. *ugh* I hate having to dig through when the movie only has one word for the title. You know this was on the 12th page!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Died

I mean . . . "it" died. Aaron almost died, but that's putting the cart before the horse. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

It seemed a day like any other. Hanging out, doing dishes, playing with the pups, freezing. (that new air conditioner really cranks it out!) Same old, same old. Then, we got talked into going out to Cove to see John and Leila. Well, of course we went. It's been a while, ya know? So we hung out there for a bit. On the way home we stopped by HEB in Cove to pick up supper. Then, disaster struck. Put the key in the ignition, turn, and . . . . nothing. Not so much as a "chug-chug-chug-I'mtryingtostartyouasshole-chug". Super. So I called my mom (cuz it was late and I didn't want to wake up my dad) and she had no idea. So I called my dad. While he's walking me through several steps to trick the van into starting, and also to discern what's wrong with it, a guy stops to render aid. Yay for good samaritans! This guy. Man. Figured out how to work the emergency battery jumper thing and even when that didn't work offered to give us a jump. Hey! Lucky day! HEB sells jumper cables! *boo* Didn't work. That battery was dead-dead-deadskee.

So, what came next? Well, after a few questions to the guy (who amazingly had tons of great answers) and a few more to my dad; we made the great trek from Cove HEB to Cove Wal*Mart to buy a new battery. *groans* Lemme tell you, that walk is no joke! On the way up there I was wearing jellies! So now I have blistery feets. Anyway. We made the walk. At Wal*Mart we got the battery (HEAVY!), a backpack to carry it in (SMART!), some wrenches for the bolts and a pair of sneakers for me.

I know it probably seems like I kiss Aaron's ass a lot in this thing, but he deserves another round of applause! Carried that heavy sumbitch all the way back to HEB. And he installed it. I told him what to do (since dad told me what to do), but he actually did the doing so I wouldn't get B-ZAPPED. Oh, Goddess, then the hard part. I got behind the wheel, turned the key one notch, waited for the gauges (and my heart) to settle, and . . . . it started right up! I was so relieved I about relieved myself all over the seat. As fast as our poor blistered feets could move we gathered everything up, tossed it in the van and hauled ass out of Cove.

Now, to count the blessings that were on our side. 1- We stopped by Wal*Mart on the way into Cove so we already knew their ATM was busted. 2- While we were in HEB I took out the money I'll be needing for the new tires, so we had the money before getting to Wal*Mart with their busted ATM. 3- It was nighttime, so it was far cooler. We never could have made it there (let alone back) in 103 degree hot ass middle of the day. 4- We were together. We've been through a lot together, and this is definitely one of those times where it was such a blessing not to have to go it alone. 5- It, in fact, was the battery and didn't end up being a wasted trip. It could have ended up not working and we're both so glad that it did. Oh yeah! And 6- Neither Elvis nor Jet pooped on the floor! Hurray! And 7- No assholes fucked with us. Ya know, walking around in the middle of the night ain't exactly safe these days.

So there you have it. I tell ya, I never want to have to make that walk, for any reason, ever again. Which reminds me. I wanted to keep an extra set of sneakers (and socks would've been a good idea too) in the van. Just in case.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Here

Hrm. It's 11:30 and the time stamper up top there popped up as 4:30. That's 7 hours difference now. Insanity. It felt like it's been a while so I thought I'd pop in and say Hi. You'd figure with all the junk rattling around in my brain I'd have a ton of stuff to blog about. Ah cruel fate. There is very little in my brain that I'm being able to organize or articulate and rarely both at once. Also, I've taken to talking to "people" so I can sleep and once it's been said . . . it's been said. Hrm. Okay, an explanation. One of the things that keeps most people from falling asleep when they're ready to is all of the day-to-day crap in their brain. I've been combatting this (for years now) by concentrating on a make-believe scenario in my head. Mentally role-playing myself to sleep. It's really helpful, you should try it. By concentrating on one thing and shutting out everything else, eventually your brain gets bored and off to sleep you drift. Lately, though, things have been nagging at me; so I just take someone from my scenario and dump on 'em. It's like having a mental psychiatry session before bed. Cuz sometimes that's all we really need. Someone to listen. No solutions, no arguments; just good old fashioned listening. That's been helping too, although my dreams just seem to be getting weirder and weirder. I'm not sure if it's connected or just coincidence.

I'm almost done with 'Carrot Cake Murder' and about 1/3 done with 'Duma Key'. 'Duma Key' is really good. I'm just waiting for it to turn bad. All the pieces are there, they just haven't magnified themselves enough yet. (No, I'm not going to ruin it for anybody who plans on reading it.) Oh, and all of my onions have gone kaputt. No more onions. The garlic is still growing, as far as I can tell, and the tomatoes are doing really well. I'll get a pic of them soon. Still nothing discernable from my herb terrarium. I may have to move it to a window that gets more light.

So there you have it. We're still alive and chuggin' along. One of these days I'll pluck out something good from my strained brain so you can read something more interesting than "we're good" for a change. Honest.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Yes, my dad's been bogarting the internet. :-p That's fine, though. He's welcome to it. Just letting y'all know we're fine here. Oh, I'm down to one onion. *pleh* The garlic and tomatoes are looking fine, though. Just a warning, I've been mulling over some things. Blog fodder. Most of which from these Christian videos my mom's been watching. Nothing so bad as Kirk Cameron *shrieks* but still pretty amusing. Did Jesus have a "strategy"? Ha! Things to look forward to. Well, back to bed. Elvis woke me up at 5am scratching at the floor so I figured I'd let y'all know we're okay before passing out again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ah. Hrm. So the lawnmowers ended up being a funny sort of mini-shock. You know: *gasp* OMG roflmao. I ended up going out about 20 minutes after setting them by the curb (had to get oil for the new lawnmower) and they were already gone. One of the funny aspects to that being that it took my dad and me 20 minutes to get them into the van in the first place. Someone was quick. I guess people are less shy when there's not a house directly next to what they're jacking from the side of the road. More power to 'em. Less work for the trash guys.

Did a lot of yard work these past couple of days. Between Aaron, my dad and myself we've mowed the lawn (that's a two day job in itself), weed-ate around the house and fence, and trimmed up a bunch of the trees. Now we can walk behind the shed (*snickers* Shed) without getting our eyes poked and the back yard looks almost twice the size.

Oy, yesterday. Nate had given us a window unit air conditioner a year (or two?!) ago since the vent in our room doesn't work. I've been under the house, but you can't really see the vent system from under there without tearing the insulation apart so it's not really something I've investigated at length. Anyway. It worked great. Then over the past months it's gotten louder and louder. There was one point (a whiles back) where it quit draining and leaked all over our floor so we had to open it and clean it out. We did that again yesterday and WD40ed the spinny part. It works on fans. Apparently not so much on air conditioners. This thing got so loud we were practically yelling at each other to be heard. Hurray (once again) for daddy! I gave him $20 (I could swear we had more than that) for a fan since he was going to Wal-Mart anyway and he picked us up a whole new air conditioner. It's so pretty and quiet. So quiet. I can hear the voices in my head again! ^_^ It really works too . . . I'm about to have to turn it down again . . . . there we go. At least we have the comp on the far side of the room from it (we used to sit on the edge of the bed right in front of the a/c) but it's still a direct blast of cold air. *shivers*

Ah, Sims. I think if Aaron had known there were vampires and zombies we'd have gotten 'em a long time ago. (Thanks Brak! ^_^) Now he's all addicted and the computer has turned itself into the playstation! If I want on I better do it while he's sleeping. lol He wants his whole neighborhood to be zombies, vampires and aliens. Oh geez. lol My dad about gave me a heart attack!! At the exact time the a/c kicked on (the cooling kicked on, it runs constantly . . . you know how window units work!) he turned on the weedeater right outside our window. *phew* I thought it had broken already. Which would figure cuz I can't remember what I did with the receipt. Oooh, crap. I hope he doesn't weedeat those vines. They're pretty hardy (some kind of ivy) and I want to try and transplant them over by the bare patches in the fence. Stupid new neighbors. *grumbles*

No, I'm not done with Duma Key yet. Just reading this one on the side. It's a fun series and they're pretty quick reads. I think this is one of the earlier ones, though cuz her cat is still misbehaved and she's not married (or even engaged yet) and one of the guys is still alive . . . .

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pro Cras Tin Ate

What is it about some things that just pile up? I guess in the spirit of last minute spring cleaning (even though it's practically been summer for, like, a week) we're taking our old lawn mowers (yes, mowers) up to the curb. My dad had to buy yet another new one (5th one in 6 years) and we have 3 (my sister pawned one) sitting in front of the house. So, away they go!

Oh, a word of warning. I picked up some nail polish yesterday. It was called "Pale Plum" or some such color. I checked the numbers on the little rectangle and bottle to make sure they matched. They did. It was supposed to be a shimmery light lavendar color. The bottle looked kind of off, but the numbers matched! So I told myself "Maybe it'll dry different. Sometimes they do that." And sometimes they do! However, instead of a pretty pale plum I got stuck with a bottle of Cali-porno pink! *wails* I'm gonna write the company on that one. BTW: The color-blind company is NYC. And no "you get what you pay for" remarks from the peanut gallery. Back when you could get 'Jane' cosmetics for 99cents everywhere I always got the color I was expecting.

If ya don't see me around it's cuz my dad's home for the week (as I mentioned) and when he wants the internet he gets it. 'Lotta cool stuff out there on that internet'.

Also, by the way. I haven't gotten too far into Duma Key. It should prove to be interesting, though. The main character starts out recovering from a crane accident. Head bashed in, ribs broke, one arm missing and gimpy legged. So it's been a couple of pages of physical therapy and divorce. (His wife couldn't handle being married to a differently abled person)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So Popular

Strange week it's been. Very strange indeed. Had Brak come over Thursday since I was supposed to pick my dad up from Dallas. We got Sims installed (yay!) and hung out. She got to meet Jet. And Jet was super excited to meet her. Jet loves meeting new people. Then, while we were hanging out here (no time for lake *boo*) Ricky came over. O.o Very strange indeed.

So, Friday. I was supposed to go pick up my dad from Dallas. Apparently the last couple of conversations he had with the Schneider people were a little heated so they sent him straight to the Harker Heights lot. He told me not to tell mom so we could throw her off when we got back. I'm a tad disappointed at not being able to drive up to Dallas, but I'll get over it.

Then, yesterday Tim shows up and takes Aaron with him out to the junk yard. Wow, 3 people in 3 days? But that's not all. Nate showed up too. *faints*. It kind of felt like Sims, where you show up at someone's house to make sure they still remember you. ^_^

I was going to add a recipe here, but between myspace being glitchy and my internet disconnecting on me, I'll save that for later.