Saturday, May 24, 2008

Update Stuffs

It's so hot! *pants* At least the troublesome part of the driveway has been smoothed out. For now. Rain keeps threatening so we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it cools enough so that when Brak comes over we can go out to the lake with nobody passing out from dehydration! *glares at the sun*

We've been coming up with some funny ideas for my comic. ^_^ Just gotta sort through 'em all, make some kind of sense from the madness then snap the pics. You have been warned.

I guess there's really not much else. Just, ya know, if anybody else was worried we're doing fine. Just busy cleaning up and getting things in order for my dad's vacation hopefully next week. He's been getting jerked around a lot, but his truck is finally fixed. Was actually fixed, like, 4 days ago. He's really not a happy camper. Hopefully we can fix that with a nice solid week of R&R. Of course . . . my mom's likely got other plans . . . . *sigh*

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