Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Extended

It doesn't matter how many times I fix my blog preferences so that it automatically puts the right time, it keeps schizing on me and going two hours slow. *sigh*

Yesterday we went out to Autumn & Frankie's. Yay. It was fun. Frankie said we have to do, like, a weekend movie thing so he can catch up on the horror movies we've got and, ya know, hang out. (He's only seen the first Saw! O.o) It's always nice going out there and getting to see the kids and hang out and eat good food. They're, like, family you'd hang out with even if they weren't related.

You ever have those days where you just have to get away or you'll go bonkers? Today was one of those days. We went out, picked up what we had to, but left prepared! I wore my bathing suit cuz we were going to go out to the lake. Okay, so now they have a "no trespassing" sign on the barricade blocking the road. *boo* Normally this wouldn't have stopped us. We just had the bad luck of getting there at the same time as some "official" guy. *boo* So we went down to the pier since I had never been. That thing is scary! Like it's just gonna splinter apart and sink. Since we decided the lake wasn't worth getting arrested for; we moved on. We went to the river instead. ^_^ Okay, so it was kind of scary. All kinds of burnt debris . . . unknown creatures . . . . but, ya know, I HAD to get in! It was 97 degrees! I didn't venture too far out into the water. Maybe I should have cuz I ended up covered in baby snails. *ew* I definitely like the lake better. But, I love water and Aaron made sure I got it. ^_^ Such a sweetie. He also made sure I got a good shot for my comic! I hadn't even thought of it.

*ugh* How'd I get started so late. Few more things then I'm off to bed. Like you care, right? Stop reading then.

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