Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Drive Home

My regular (and, likely, irregular) readers already know how bad our driveway is. The locals (and those addicted to the weather channel) know the storms that have been plowing their way through here. Well, earlier we had the choice of whether to try and beat the storm in order to pick up provisions, or to wait and hope that it lightened up enough by morning to allow us to go through. As bad as it looked on the radar we decided to race the storm! Exciting, nerve wracking, semi-successful.

We made our way through the standing water in the driveway without too much issue. While we were at Walgreens it started raining. Pretty hard, too. So we didn't exactly beat the storm. Luckily the real roads didn't flood too badly, so getting back to the driveway wasn't so bad. It was just, ya know, hard to see.

Then, the climax. *cues climactic music* At first it looked like the whole driveway was covered in water. Luckily, that wasn't the case. Actually, the 'bridge' over the ditch was in okay shape as well. It was the huge pond/puddles on either side of it that were the problem. My mom said "keep moving through the water" so that's what I did. I almost slowed down before the bridge, but punched it and made it up. *woohoo* Crossed the bridge and was faced with the exact spot I got stuck in before. *deep breath* I may have been going faster than I should have. Whether that had much bearing on the hole that I hit and where it took us, I dunno. I hit the hole. It's probably better that I did, cuz the mud was doing bad things to the tires and almost took me into the utility pole. Instead, the hole took me the complete opposite direction almost into the fence! I don't think I've ever turned a steering wheel so fast in my life, but I managed to miss the fence. *phew!* Finally I could slow down cuz we've got actual rocks (small rocks, not huge ones) on that little straight away. Then, the mud puddle right in front of our house. Rather than park in that I pulled up next to the other side of our fence. On grass, sorta under a tree. It was a longer walk in the rain, but well worth it to not be stuck in the mud. Aaron said I went all "Twisted Metal" around that corner. ^_^ I'm just glad we made it through without getting stuck. At least we should have a reprieve.

So, that's our mud/rain/puddle adventure. I'm so glad it's over. Just in case anybody remembers our flooded yard fiasco from a year ago and is wondering how that's affected Buzz's final resting spot. No worries. Aaron had the bright (seriously, not ironically) idea to put some of the big rocks on top of it. Initially it was to keep Jet from digging there. Not on purpose to upset us, of course, but cuz she's a puppy and she's dug up a few spots around the house. Those big rocks are doing their job and keeping him undisturbed. Thankfully. On a lighter note (you know I like to try and leave you on a happier side) this weather is doing wonders for the garlic bulb I planted. The onions probably need to be trimmed back, and the tomatoes are a little bruised, but the garlic is thriving! Oooh, also. We learned that cut up garlic greens is pretty tasty in a salad. It's like green onions only with a hint of garlic. ^_^

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