Monday, May 26, 2008

Kinder Secrets Revealed

For all my buddies here in Texas who are frothing at the Kinder Eggs *sheepish grins* I am willing to reveal the secret source. *ssshhh* Don't tell anybody. I asked my mom and she said she picked them up at the 'Brick Oven' in Kempner. Now, a while's back when I asked her I could've sworn she said she found them at 'Oma's Garten Platzen' down the street, but she may have been trying to hide her trips to Lampasas? *shrugs* If I'm remembering correctly, though, the 'Brick Oven' isn't hard to find. It should be right off the highway. It's just, ya know, clear out in Kempner.

Oh, and I did an eBay search. I found the toys (even the old Smurf soccer players I used to collect!) but not the actual eggs. Hrm. That's, like, the best part!

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