Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kinder Eggs!

If you grew up in Germany (and maybe some of you that didn't?) then you may have had the pleasure of getting these delightful chocolate treasures on occassion. There are a few pics here, so while those load, let me tell you a tale. Uh . . . . onceuponatimealonglongtimeagoinalandfarfaraway . . . . kidding. ^_^ Okay, so yesterday I was watering my plants. One of the onions was sideways and when I went to straighten it up I found it was only the top of the onion! *whoops* I thought I broke it, so I dug down in the dirt to find the actual onion part and it wasn't there! I dunno if it dissolved or if something (probably stupid ants) ate it or what happened. So I checked the other onions. Two more had non-existant bottoms! So now I'm down to two onions. Also, I transplanted the tomatoes into a bigger pot. Hopefully that didn't kill them, cuz I'm not really good at transplanting. :-( The garlic is still doing well, though. And I haven't really checked on my little herb garden terrarium thingy. The directions said to water it every three months (cuz it waters itself with the evaporated water) but I'll probably check that today to be safe. Are all the pictures loaded yet? No? Hrm. Oh well, here we go anyway. ^_^


is a Kinder Egg! Oh the treats this little wrapper contains! Firstly being the chocolate egg. ^_^ As you will see in the next picture the outside is milk chocolate and the inside is white chocolate. Good stuff. Good stuff. Inside this hollow egg we find:

A little yellow prize holder. How exciting! Used to be that the halves could be inverted to make, like, a little trophy. That was fun. In these ones, they're connected. I guess so's there's less pieces to lose? Which brings me to the next stage in this adventure. The one reason why they're not allowed to be imported in bulk and are so hard to come by here in the states:

Tiny little pieces! Cuz, ya know, American parents would rather bitch about small parts than supervise their children to make sure they don't swallow them. *rolls eyes* Anyway. What is it I've got here? Just put these little pieces together and I've got:

A weird little green thing with a flag that has a genie lamp on it. *shrugs* It's cute anyway. Here's what Aaron got:

A walrus soccer goalie. ^_^ Apparently they're doing some kind of site tournament thingy or something? Or maybe it's just soccer season and I don't know? Anyway, they've got all kinds of cool prizes currently available (you never know, cuz they're random!). If you want to check the site for whatever reason Click Here. No worries, I already set the language to English. And according to the site my little green man is a "Messenger" who likes to make people's dreams come true. How sweet. ^_^

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