Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday

Buzz is doing alright. ~ish. He's snotting now, so at least that gives us something to clean up. And it means he's getting it out of him, which is a plus. We've been trying to keep the bathroom door open as much as possible so that if he wants to move around, he can. We need to try and find some eye-gunk wipes cuz his one eye is looking really bad and I don't want him with an infected eye.

To pass the time we've been watching a pile of movies we were lent. Still have a few to go through, but here's my rundown: "Game Plan" ~ The Rock is a football player and his daughter tracks him down to live with him for a bit. Very good movie. Funny, heartfelt, and they didn't fuck up the ending by making him not really her dad or something. "Enchanted" ~ Fairy Tale Prince and Princess find themselves in New York City. If you grew up watching the original Disney movies with princesses in them, then you'll definitely get a kick out of picking out the combined traits found in this one. There are parts that get a little annoying, but overall a fun movie to watch. "Nanny McPhee" ~ Touted as the "new Mary Poppins" wherein a magical nanny comes and tames 7 unruly children. When I first saw the previews for this, I did not care to see it at all. I'm glad I did. I'd watch it again. Whether you've got kids or not; if you have the chance you should definitely watch this movie. "Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix" ~ Harry Potter movie, kids form a 'secret army' to take on the Dark Lord. Not my favorite Potter movie, but it was pretty good. Some character development going on, I'm assuming it's mostly a set up for the next ones.

For those of you who follow our crane winnings; they've got that big machine in Wal*Mart that's a buck a shot. We usually don't bother cuz it's super rigged. (prizes too big for the box/heavy for the crane, poorly set up, tightly packed) Anyway, we checked it out on our way in and they had Bart just sitting on top. On our way out, Aaron nabbed him on the first shot. ^_^ Dragged him by his pointy head. The frog pictured next to him I got from HEB. It is the normal average size of the prizes we get. If I could've found a tape measure you could have a better idea of just how big Bart is, but oh well. I think you can get the gist of it.

Right now there's a mad storm running alongside us. If we're lucky the bulk of it'll pass by. And just as the driveway became passable. *sigh*

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