Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dumber Than Advertised

You know I don't like posting two blogs in one day. However, since it wasn't entirely my fault, and this one ties into the earlier one, I'll forgive myself. I hope you will too.

The lady next door got ahold of "the city" and "they" sent out a message to the construction people to fix our road. The nutty guy next door and I went down to survey the damage. I, because I knew I was going to have to go back out and wanted to find the best route; he, because his sister wanted him to take a picture of the hole she made in the mud trying to get out in case there was any damage to the car. We spent about an hour and a half constructing a rock/plank bridge across the ditch, because either side of it was bone dry. Where there wasn't a ditch was all mud. We had it likely passable when a guy showed up and surveyed the damage. Then he went and got the 'dirt guy' with a big ol' plow. This guy, in turn, drove right across (almost, he got stuck but jerked himself back out) crushing my (our, but mostly my) efforts. Now, this guy was pissed off. Not because of our bridge, but because some yahoo decided it would be a good idea to close off the creek that runs through. So, rather than draining like it should have, it went around the pile and flooded the road. He even asked us who did it! I said, "Hell, wasn't me. I don't have a shovel that big!" :-p Little smart assy, but how the hell should we know? He said he'd get it fixed up, and like morons we took him at his word. Granted, it's not muddy anymore. Is it fixed? Oh no. He basically made a big bridge of big rocks. There is a path on the south side, but the edge is crumbly and there's a mini-ditch in the middle. And I'm pretty sure the rocks are still piled up, so if they don't fix fix it before it rains again, there it goes all over again. *sigh* The one good thing to come of it all is that the 'dirt guy' clued us in to a back way out. It's trecherous, but not nearly so much as the rock bridge. It's basically following the roads they're going to put in, so it's a big ass square we have to go around that comes out at an actual street. Which, if the driveway is blocked and there are people working out there, we're still fairly well stranded. Stranded at home. Never thought I'd see the day.

Buzz is not looking so hot. He hasn't eaten in two days and I just had to clean a bunch of gunk from his eye. I tried booger sucking him and got a little bit from one nostril, the other was clear as far as I could tell. I need to get back at him and clean his mouth some more, but don't want to super stress him. I found out today that he's something like 20 years old. So we (my mom and I, at least) are looking at the possibility that it could be his time. I'm not giving up on him, but I'm not discounting the possibility. I'm not looking forward to how Aaron's going to take it. He loves that cat almost as much as Elvis.

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