Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yes, I Did It....

I was the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll. *crickets chirp* Before word gets out and everyone laughs at me behind my back for it, I'll be the first to tell you that last night, after managing to not make an ass of myself in front of 5 new peoples, I fell and busted my ass. Actually, that's the funny part. Both my feet went out from under me at the same time, I bounced on my ass, and it was unscathed. I BOUNCED! I did manage to skin my ankle (how long has it been since I skinned something?!), scrape my finger and break two nails, though. Beyond that, the only thing that got hurt was my pride. I guess that's one bonus to having some junk in the trunk. Hard to bust a padded ass.

Hard to argue with being knocked down a peg like that, but I'm gonna turn my back on the fates and proceed to blog about what I was gonna. The other day, Aaron got a funny message here on Myspace. Apparently Angie (one of his ex-girlfriends that he was totally head-over-heels for at the time) wanted to talk to him. *insert condescending voice* Somehow, and for some reason, Barker was the first to know about this. Nothing like random people picking, I suppose. Now, the absolutely hilarious thing about all this is not that she broke his heart (which was for the best, cuz we're together now); but that after all these years she's divorced (finally), got two kids and is now trying to crawl back to him! *picture me rolling on the floor, laughing so hard I'm crying* Too little, too late skankerella. So, if you're feeling it, feel free to join me in pointing in the direction of Arkansas and laughing.

Seriously, I wish her all the best. The only reason Aaron talked to her at all was to tell her how happy he is without her. Poor twit should be happy, just decided to bark up the wrong tree is all.

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