Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unnerving Dream

It's been a long while since I've had a 'waking' dream. This one really kind of bothered me. I'm not sure where it started. There were a lot of elements that sort of overlapped. I was going to school, but never actually went. My dad (who was the guy who played Tony Soprano) and I lived in a house that wasn't a house, but a big garage. Autumn (Aaron's sister) was there, but she was my Aunt. And there was another character, some kind of wizardish counselor. He reminded me of someone, but I can't remember who.

I think one of the first things (apart from not going to school) was some sense of danger. Which was followed by my "dad" going to open the door (a proper door on the side of the garage). He knew he was about to be blown up and he had time to say something. I think it was "Oh, ain't this somethin'?" or something to that effect. I saw the start of the explosion and screemed before turning around and covering myself.

Shortly after (very shortly) some men in black suits (think M.I.B) showed up. They came through the garage door (not the proper door) and started bombarding me with questions that I couldn't or wouldn't answer. As I was avoiding them I noticed that a stack of boxes got pushed so hard that it bowed out the wall of the garage a good foot and a half. This disturbed me, because I didn't know if we (me & "dad") did that trying to make room, or if it was from the explosion.

They left and Autumn showed up with the kids. The kids fell asleep so we watched a movie. I don't know what it was. We had maybe 10 minutes left of it and the kids woke up, so she turned it off. Then . . . .

I don't know. I'm not sure if I went to him, or he came to me, if we were in the garage or some kind of lab, but that's when I started talking with the counselor guy. I'm not sure if I trusted him, if I had talked to him before, who's side he was on, or what I was "supposed" to be talking to him about. I think this is when I noticed the backpack next to me. He said something about memories being hidden in our bodies. Then he laid down three pieces of paper in a triangle form in front of me. They were the same picture. It was a deep purple, kind of shaped like the outline of a lime or lemon. He moistened his thumb and pressed it onto the top picture then pressed it (his thumb) onto my forehead. I felt some kind of pain/spasm in my lower back. He was saying something . . . something about the "most important" -something. The only thing that came to mind was 283. I said "283" and asked him if that was right. He said it was, but I wasn't sure if it was or if I just made it up.

And that was all. I woke up after that.

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