Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playin' In The Dirt

I love dirt! ^_^ Aaron and I picked up a little pot with seeds and dirt at Target for $1, so we're growing tomatoes! Assuming I didn't kill them yesterday when I over watered 'em. It's such a teeny little red pot! If they do live (if the don't I'll replant, it gives enough seeds to replant 2-3 times) I'm working on fixing the dirt in one of the bigger pots so I can transplant 'em. *giggles* So exciting.

Also, my sister dropped a bag of nasty growing onions on us. *ew* I went through it and most of them were moldy, and therefor no good. Threw those out, took the three good ones and *barfs* peeled off the nasty, squishy outer layers. Came away with 7 onion sprouts. Yippee! Stuck those in a pot. We'll have to see how that works out. 2 of them have new growth since being potted, so we may just have some free onions!

If you remember (if not, I'm about to tell you) I got a little greenhouse herb garden for my birthday! I haven't started that up yet, but I'm gonna! Today! ^_^ Hopefully. It's complicated! I'll figure it out, though.

Hurray dirt!

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