Friday, April 25, 2008

More Piccies

First things first. Yes, another big storm came through. No, we weren't hit. Yes, his sister & her family was, but they are safe and sound.
Now, you've heard (read) me bitch and whine and moan and complain about the construction. I know I haven't really posted pics of how great the atmosphere used to be around here, but it was. Trees and wildlife and flowers and privacy.
Here's the first pic:

You see that giant pile of rubble? Well, I could've really shown the big dirtness that used to be trees, but I didn't want to be accosted by rednecks. That there is where the big dead tree (which should be in one of my myspace albums) used to be.

This one here. This is much what the south end looks like, but this is the eastern section. I walked up to the fence that is thankfully still there. Pulled aside the branch of one of the trees, and this here is right at eye level. So, like, if they put houses in like this, I could walk down my driveway and look at someone's lawn without moving my head. It sucks. So when they work here we're getting all the noise of the big machinery whereas we used to get birds.
P.S. - You may or may not have noticed, I added two more crane prize pics. We got Bart and Homer one right after the other. Homer first, actually. And we got gay biker Patrick to go with gay biker Spongebob! We also got a ufo thing and a red bear, but we gave those away before getting 'em in the picture.

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