Friday, April 4, 2008

Lake Day!

This morning, very early in the morning, Aaron, Nathan, Brak and I went to the lake! It had rained almost all night, but stopped shortly after we got there. It was only a little muddy, but it was very cold and very windy. But, just like the days of yore, that didn’t stop us. There are pictures, but you’ll just have to wait for those. Oh, and since Sandy couldn’t be there (and she was greatly missed) I made a video of everyone waving to her. As soon as photobucket lets me upload it, then you can see that too. Right here. Same bat time, same bat channel.

We went down to the lake (as opposed to just tromping through the woods around the lake). Nathan caught a humungous fish. He’ll probably make that his profile picture once he gets his hands on it. ^_^ He was going to keep it, clean it, cook it & eat it. Which is fantastic. But I think a combination of peer pressure and laziness led him to set it free. Which was also fantastic. And I have pictures of the great fish escape.

We tried walking through the woods to get out of the frigid winds. It helped a bit. Got more pictures there. There are some that will have to be altered a bit to point out what’s so important about the pictures, so I won’t go into that story yet. Ha-ha! Things to look forward to. I was kind of sad, though. The video took up so much memory, and we haven’t gotten a memory card/stick/whatever thingy for it yet, so when we were walking back and came to a snail crossing the road I couldn’t get a picture of that. But he gets honorable mention here! "The Fish That Made It Out Alive" and "The Snail That Had Almost Gotten Across the Road". He had about 4 inches or so left to go, but we weren’t going to wait for him, so we cheered him on and left. Brave, brave snail.

If you hadn’t noticed (then you weren’t paying attention! HA!) I snapped (well, Aaron snapped) my 2nd comic scene. ^_^ I also gave them their own folder, because I decided to continue the saga. You know, because it’s fun and funny and that’s the best kind of combination.

So, before I go, and before this turns into a novel:

Kudos to Aaron, for making sure I didn’t forget anything, and for carrying the heavy loads. Kudos to Brak for being wonderful and laughing at my dumb jokes/smartass comments. Kudos to Nate for being such a good sport and finding some good spots in the woods. And I guess kudos to me for . . . . whatever. Not killing us on the way there or back. ^_^ Would you believe gas went up 9 cents while we were at the lake?!

And I’m still working on that poem. I just hit a little block.

P.S. I’m playing Rogue Galaxy. And we bought Sweeny Todd (2 disc). Stupid broken thingy.

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