Monday, April 14, 2008

He's Baaaaack.....

I hereby present, the triumphant return of my stick figure man! I did learn a few things while working on my new system of animating. 1. My gif animator has a limit of 45 frames. *boo* 2. It's a lot harder, and takes a lot longer, than it did with the icon maker. 3. I need to see if my file converter will open .ico files. That would be far easier. :-p
I'm going to have to make another photobucket folder for these things . . . . Also, did anybody else notice that they completely took away the link for "What are you doing"?


  1. Lmao, the box is so long that I thought for sure he would make it at least half way across

    1. hehehe That sort of just happened. I was used to working in 16x16 squares so they were all really tiny and contained and in the process of trying to stretch it out to a rectangle I couldn't figure out how to work the cape.... so he fell.... lol


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