Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gardening Pics

I finally got around to setting up that herb garden I got for my birthday. ^_^ The only window available for putting it in is in the living room. Here's hoping it doesn't get knocked over. Here's a pretty picture. I added the serene Buddha head and the Nefertiti bust cuz the rocks they gave me were kind of boring. It's going to grow Hyssop, Eucalyptus and Aloe.
I spent some time outside working on composting and pulling dead branches out of the tree behind the shed. While I was out there I took some pics for you of my onions:
And of my little sprouting tomatoes. Now that there is something to see. To the left of the tomato pot is the skull of the skeleton that I came face to face with last time I was crawling around under the house.
Hurray! I also took some pics of our house and the house next door. Ya know, cuz I never took pics of any place else I lived and with time memory fades, and . . . well, I've always wished I took more pics of where I lived in Germany. *shakes head* Woah. Anyway, I also took some pics of the attrocities going on around here that I keep bitching about, but I'll post those tomorrow.

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