Friday, March 7, 2008

Startings and Endings

Guess what? It snowed. At 4 this morning. We have pics, but they're on the camera. I'll get those off later. They won't be as pretty as our last snow pics, because I was still in my jammies and wasn't about to venture to the back yard. So they're all porch shots. Me keeping the animals at bay, Aaron begging the flash to load up so we could get back inside already. The wind has been terrible! So cold. So very cold. *shivers*

My dad was supposed to have a week vacation this week and inadvertantly got screwed out of it. He was headed towards his last load/drop-off and his crap ass (2 year old) truck broke down!! He was so happy last time he left because it hadn't leaked antifreeze everywhere and then it goes and pulls this shit on him. That was . . .Friday or Saturday? And they've been spending all this time fixing it. Thankfully the people he's dropping this load (a new one, they gave the old one to someone else) to were nice enough to accept it *checks clock* today instead of Monday, so he should be home either tonight or early tomorrow. He did get paid (not much) for the days he was unable to drive, and he's not going to just lose his vacation days. He'll just have to use them later.

Some of you know my mom took a spill a couple of days ago. Aaron woke me up to doctor her and when he said she fell I immediately had a flashback of the face-plant she took in Germany. It wasn't that bad. She caught herself with her shoulder/elbow and didn't skid her face on the concrete. So just a few scrapes and a lot of swelling which we're finally getting down. She had a water ice-pack from when she had her knee replaced last year, (it's refillable and attached to a coo-coo-coolah) so I filled that up with hot water and it's been helping.

All the animals are doing great. Except for the damn-blasted fleas. I caught Jet (terrier) and Buzz (Grandpa's cat) sleeping together on the footstool. ^_^ It was so cute. Buzz is just getting cheeky! Keeps sleeping in other animal's "claimed" spots! Thankfully Onyx has a few so there haven't been any fur-flinging fights yet. Elvis is doing good. Not tearing up the room so bad as he was. We do try to go out when he's sleeping, though, and that helps. Sometimes he's still alseep when we get back.

And Aaron and I are doing great. We're doing Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Luvitz for Halloween! We more or less actually already have our costumes. He's got a suit and I'm going to modify my Phantom of the Opera dress. The hardest part is going to be our hair. *L* (Tim can be Joker if he wants to) I'm also working on a poem. Not the mini-epic that came and went. Though this one might be. I've got a solid idea of how I want it to sound, what it's going to be about, and a title. (Goddess-in-Training) I just need to do a bit of research for some of the elements I'm including. Last time I did this much actual work on a poem, it was for Brak. So if hard work does (in fact) pay off, it should be at least as good as that one was. Hrm. If I can pry myself away from the computer for a bit, then I think we might be able to get another chunk of the room taken care of. If I'm lucky then it'll give me enough room to re-start yoga myself. If I can get this kink out of my back, then it might help Aaron get into it too. ^_^

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