Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Day

Man, oh man. Woke up early. Actually woke up at the time I normally do to drop my dad off, which was 2 hours earlier than I needed to. We went out, replaced the busted turn-signal bulb, then went and got the van oil changed (only slightly overdue this time) and inspected. While we were waiting for that, there was this old guy at Kwik Kar. At first he was outside. It was kind of funny, cuz from where I was standing, it looked like he was arguing with the soda machine. Then he came inside and decided to talk to us. Oy. Everyone else in the lobby was conveniently absorbed in some form of reading material or other. He covered everything from the gravel they use to pave the roads (sharp gravel from Marble Falls so we have to replace our tires more often), Koreans making oil filters, liking to see his spark plugs (?!) and different areas of Killeen that have flooded in the past 41 years. Oh, and the rising crime rate. Oh! And it’s his opinion that the rash of BBs through car windows is from the kids of people who replace car windows to drum up business. Hoo-wee. Ah well, let him talk, fill up time. He’s old. Likely a war vet. No harm, no foul, right?

Then we went and got a new playstation 2. Silver. *pauses for appropriate "oohs" & "ahhs"* Layla, if you’re reading this, tell John we need to borrow Rogue Galaxy for 1/2 a second to check that game coding. (If not, he’ll be calling soon, cuz we have 7 days to bring it back) Manhunt 2 plays, at least, and that’s a step better from the old one which suddenly decided to not read anything.

On the bright side, the rain cut us some slack. It only drizzled while we were out (and wrestling with the turn-signal components) which was nice.

And for all you neopets players, Daily Dare is almost over, so if you’re behind on games, ya might wanna kick it in gear.

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