Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Hush *sssshhhhhh*

Do you hear that? ("The crowd has fallen deathly ill -silent!") I've been sleeping at night and up during the day like a normal person, and it's been bonkers. Taking me almost all day to do my stuff online that would take 4 hours at night. Everyone asleep, no one bothering me. My dad took a four day weekend, so he'll be here until Tuesday. His next vacation is in June or July. I'm going to get/have to drive up to Dallas to pick him up. Schneider "needs the truck there in case they need to loan it to someone" while he's on vacation. He's pretty sure they're lieing. Says everyone's a bunch of bullshitting liars. lol Said the stores say prices are going up because truck companies are charging more to deliver because of rising gas prices, but Schneider released a statement saying they are charging the same they have been and taking the loss themselves. So one of them is lieing. We think both. He also thinks that it's a Girl Scout Cookie conspiracy at the bottom of . . . . well, everything. I haven't asked him to elaborate yet, but as soon as I do I'll let ya know.

It's so nice now. All quiet. I might go outside for a bit. If it's not raining by the time I get out there. Maybe I'll take my notebook and work on that poem. While I've got the time. With no one bothering me. So nice. And quiet. While I'm looking, I have lagged a bit on the crane game prizes. We really haven't gotten anything good. Just a bunch of the generic "filler" prizes. And a care bear. I got an easter bunny today. Grabbed it by the tag. I've never seen those cranes actually pinch that hard before.

*sssshhhhh* Do you hear that? Exactly. Hrm. Aaron was on the computer last night and it was this quiet. Everyone was asleep, but he heard someone knock. Like it was right in his ear. Just to be sure he checked the house and everyone was asleep. If I can find it without making too much noise I think I'll set up the IC recorder before I go out for a bit. See if I catch anything. That would be cool. And it's almost midnight, so it's the perfect time. I guess I should get on that.

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