Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update Stuff

I think SSDD about sums it up nicely. Had a helluva day yesterday, though. I was practically seething. The landlord's son was outside most of the day working on the two trailers next to us. Had his daughter with him and that girl was in our yard playing with Jet! In our freaking yard! So it was about 3 hours after I wanted to let Elvis out to piss that I actually finally got to. Yeah, I coulda been like "Hey, could you get your daughter out of our yard so I can let my elderly dog out to piss? See, he's skiddish around kids and I don't want him to bite her for any of the handful of reasons that he might these days. Oh, and by the way, now that I've drawn attention to myself, why don't you ask me about the boxes on the porch, or if I want you to fix the siding, or if the back porch that y'all fixed and we never use is in good repair? Oh that? That's the inside to the sliding door I haven't gotten around to fixing yet. Do I mind that your daughter is in our yard? Oh no, of course not. I'd rather not get evicted for belligerance thank you." So I waited until he took her out for something to eat.

Other than that, yeah, we're doing the best we can with Elvis. He's still a sweetheart but since he has reached that point in his life there are times where he spaces out or gets confused so we have to take extra care with him. Buzz is doing better. Again. Hopefully for good this time.

Working on the new plot for Neopets. Dr. Sloth's return. I missed his first appearance, and he's kind of a running theme along the site. "When will he return?" sort of stuff. So I'm pretty excited to see what he brings to the table. He's a villain, btw. ^_^ My pets are all purdified, but I'm sure y'all are sick of seeing them so I'll let that be for now.

So, I guess minus those three things it's SSDD.

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